Lyanna vs. Llama Featuring Centauri's battle challenge!


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This post features a match between two Earth Summoners: Lyanna Natura and Llama Mage. It also includes discussions about the star for this week's battle challenge: Centauri Mage. Watch closely as the battle unfolds, and enjoy this fight! In case you are not interested in learning more about Centauri Mage, feel free to skip directly in the battle part below.



The magic of the Centauri people of northern Anumün is so secretive that it is a wonder their Mages make any demonstrations of their powers in the Mount Mox Arena at all. The audiences are always thrilled to see their magic attacks, especially at dusk and sunset, when they create a chillingly beautiful (and deadly) green light show. Not only does this magic rain green fire onto the enemy, but with proper concentration from the Mage, it also refortifies the defenses of the friendly team.


Source: Splinterlands card stats

Centauri Mage is a high health magic monster. With its abilities, Centauri has a good defense against ranged attacks, and can support its allies by repairing their shield. At level 1, Centauri Mage already has the Return Fire ability, making it a good monster to position as a counter against the enemy's ranged Snipe ability. At level 5, Centauri becomes more formidable, and a better support for its allies by repairing their armor each Centauri's turn. With these two abilities, along with its good stats, Centauri makesa good addition to your team during high mana battles, where you need a backline snipe tank, and a magic damage dealer.

earth div.png



This match was fought with an Armored Up and Lost Legendaries rulesets. The mana cap to build our team is 29, and only Earth Splinter can be used in this match.


First position
Second position
Third position
Fourth position
Fifth position
Last position

Summoner: Lyanna Natura
Given that only Earth Splinter is allowed, my choices were narrowed down to two: Lyanna Natura or Wizard of Eastwood. For this battle, I only have Lyanna Natura leveled up, which means that if I choose to use Wizard of Eastwood, my lineup will be limited to level 1 monsters. With that in mind, I went with Lyanna Natura. A huge bonus is that I am in the mood to show off my newly purchased skin for Lyanna!

Position 1: Rexxie
While preparing for this match, I was drafting a team that could kill a frontline golem, and at the same time, can last a Last Stand monster (definitely not a Kron because of Lost Legendaries ruleset). After thinking for a while, I decided to go with Rexxie for its high damage output, and good enough health to tank Golem's damage.

Position 2: Centauri Mage
I put Centauri Mage in the second position to cover from any possible Snipe attack from my enemy's ranged monsters. Additionally, I wanted to have a high health monster in the second position, in case my Rexxie dies early.

Position 3: Goblin Sorcerer
Great monster for killing enemy's backline monster! Initially, I thought that I will be able to pick off a monster or two because of 2 magic damage with sneak. Enemies usually put low health monsters at the last position. As you will see later on, I was so wrong on this one!

Position 4: Wood Nymph
Great monster for healing and 1 magic damage to help my Rexxie and Barking Spider. The 3 speed is a huge plus as well, given that it can heal Rexxie before my enemy's lower speed monsters start dealing damage to it again.

Position 5: Barking Spider
Great damage, health, and speed for its cost! A 2 ranged attack monster might not sound impressive, but if you see its 4 mana cost, 3 speed, and 6 health -- now that is something! I did not want to spread out my attack too thin, so I went for a monster that will attack the enemy's first position.

Position 6: Brownie
Great 1 mana cost card with its Swiftness ability. This essentially works the same way as Ooze, giving you a 1 speed advantage by increasing your speed (instead of decreasing the enemy's speed). I chose Brownie over Ooze because of the higher speed. Although I don't expect it to attack in this match, I still went for the higher speed to increase the chance of my enemy's sneak monster missing.

earth div.png


Now that we have my battle lineup ready, let us watch this match and see who we will be facing in this match!

Match replay link

After having a look at my enemy's lineup, it seems like this will be a tricky match. My assumptions were mostly wrong, this can go either way.

Here are the things that I got wrong:

  • I was expecting a Flesh Golem in the first position, I got a Harvester instead.
  • No monster with Snipe ability. I forgot that there are few ranged monsters with Snipe ability in Earth!
  • Flesh golem at the last position, I was expecting a random non-healing monster (why was I too optimistic?). I'm doomed if both my Rexxie and Centauri dies when Flesh Golem is already in Last Stand.


Okay, here it goes. Round 1, fight!

round 1.gif

During round 1, it looks like we got the advantage as we managed to push down Harvester to low health. The tough part in this match will be once Failed Summoner is already up front, and another one will be towards the end of the match; once Flesh Golem already activates Last Stand. We have to watch out for that insane healing capabilities!


Despite its less tanky nature compared to other tanks, it looks like Rexxie is surviving the frontline position well! All thanks to low damage output of the enemy's team towards our frontline. By putting Flesh Golem at the last most part, Failed Summoner and Brownie in the team, direct damage output to Rexxie has been reduced significantly. This will be much less once we manage to take out Harvester!

round 2.gif

At the end of Round 2, failed Summoner has already moved up front. It looks like it is already certain that Rexxie will be able to survive until Flesh Golem activates Last Stand!


Now we are nearing the moment of truth. Failed Summoner managed to deal 1 damage both to Centauri Mage and Wood Nymph with its Reflect ability.

round 3.gif

Good thing that it is all the damage that Failed Summoner was able to inflict. By the end of Round 2, Rexxie already killed Failed Summoner, which activated the Trample ability and was able to inflict another damage to the enemy's goblin! Now, this is getting more fun. That sneaky Goblin will start next round without an armor.


Round 4! We are now getting closer and closer to Flesh Golem.

round 4.gif

At the start of Round 4, Centauri Mage made the first hit to the Sneaky Goblin, followed by Wood Nymph, and Barking Spider. These attacks gave Rexxie the last hit, giving our trampling monster another chance to attack the enemy's next monster. By the end of Round 4, Rexxie already managed to destroy the armor of our enemy's Brownie.


I see you now Flesh Golem. Brownie and Wood Nymph can't protect you.

round 5.gif

By the fifth turn in Round 5, my Wood Nymph already managed to kill the enemy's Brownie. This moves Llama's Wood Nymph up front. My Barking Spider attacked next, removing Wood Nymph's armor - making it vulnerable to Rexxie's 5 melee damage. Rexxie managed to deal the final blow on Wood Nymph, activating another Trample for this match! That puts our total Trample for this match to three. Finally, Flesh Golem moves up front and activates Last Stand!

It's judgment time!


After activating Last Stand, Flesh Golem now has the following stats: 3 attack, 5 speed, 18 health. That is a real tank!

round 6.gif

Those two consecutive hits (end of Round 5, start of Roudn 6) from Flesh Golem was quite scary. It put our Rexxie down to 3 health. Good thing that Wood Nymph got Rexxie's back. It seems like this match is already a win for us. Flesh Golem's damage output is only 3, which is equal to Wood Nymph's heal. Unless there is some miracle that Rexxie and Barking Spider miss almost every turn, and we get to fatigue rounds, there is no way that our Rexxie will die.


To reconfirm our calculation, Wood Nymph heals Rexxie by 3, Flesh Golem deals 3 damage, it just cancels out. Flesh Golem heals by 6, we have a total of 12 damage -- this is a win.

round 7.gif

Flesh Golem ended the round with 2 health, it seems like this will already end by next round!


At the start of the eighth round, Flesh Golem healed itself up to 8 health. As long as Rexxie don't miss, this match will end this round.

round 8.gif

There you go! Great job Rexxie for not missing. The match ended with the final blow from Rexxie.

Match Conclusion


That was a fulfilling match. Prior to this match, I had a losing streak in playing Lyanna Natura because of two reasons: 1) I am not used to playing Earth Splinters and 2) Most of the time, I play Lyanna Natura because I just want to flex the skin that I recently bought. Not because she is the best Splinter for the previous matches. This match gave me the confidence that I can play an Earth team properly.


Even though I rarely used Centauri Mage before, I will usually see my opponents playing a Centauri Mage in a similar setup as I did in this match. The usual modifications are a Mylor Crowling summoner and Unicorn Mustang as its tank. Those battles were the ones that gave me the idea on how to properly utilize Centauri Mage's abilities. With this experience, I can say that Centauri Mage is a must-have in high mana battles, especially in snipe ruleset or when you are expecting a ranged snipe monster. Although this ability was not utilized in this match, Centauri Mage has annoyed me several times before because of Return Fire.

When I decide to run an Earth deck (and flex my Lyanna skin) again in the future, I will definitely use Centauri Mage for my team. That 2 magic damage, high health, and Return Fire is an advantage that you shouldn't skip out on. Looking forward to playing those matches again in the future!

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this match. In case you missed the previous replay link, click HERE to watch the match between Lyanna and Llama.



  • Splinterlands for the game-related images, game screenshots, and lore.
  • chrisroberts for the well-written and fun to read lore across Splinterlands
  • flauwy for the nice-looking dividers
  • Cover photo made in Canva


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Atleast you didn't run into Kron the undying in the last postion. Which is the bane of my existence that and Yodin.

This is very well done! There was a lot of effort put into this post and it shows.


Yeah! It would have likely been my end if it was a Kron at the last position. Got lucky with the Lost Legendaries ruleset.

Thank you very much for appreciating it!


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Thank you! @rosiew. I hope you enjoyed watching this battle! :)


You're so welcome!! :) And yes! :)


Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

Probably the best post I found today in Hive. Really appreciate your hard work and dedication. Keep playing Splinterlands and post awesome contents.


Hey @mango-juice! Thank you very much for the kind words. These types of comments are the ones that inspired me to keep on improving my content.