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This week the theme is Dragon. Dragon Splinter is very effective. It gives possibilities to take not only Dragons monsters but also possibilities to choose more cards from one of any other Splinters (Fire, Water, Earth, Life and Death). I chose Dragon Summoner: Quix The Devious and Water Splinter, my opponent also chose Dragon Team. Let's see who won the Dragon battle.


Edition: ANY
Rarity: ANY
Element: DRAGON + ANY

Two of my favorite and most used cards in Dragon Splinter

Dragon Splinter cards are pictured below: the Quix The Devious and the Chaos Dragon. The Quix The Devious has two abilities: -1 ranged and -1 speed. It gives possibility to dodge quite a few attacks and allows to attack first often. As a result I can defeat my opponent monsters before they even make one single attack.


The Chaos Dragon is a card that I purchased recently. I don't see players to play it against me that often, but I personally like to use. This monster become really strong from level 2 which is available from silver league above. The Magic attack + blast ability allows it to do damage to an opponent, and monsters next to the target. As with many of the Dragons, it has flying, so it can avoid the health penalties in the Earthquake ruleset, which can definitely make or break a game.

Key abilities:

  • Blast: Does additional damage to monsters adjacent to the target Monster. Additional damage is equivalent to main damage divided by 2, rounded up. As a result it hit monster with 3 magic damage plus 2 extra damage to monsters adjacent to the target.
  • Scattershoot: This monster's attacks hit a random enemy target. Please remember that monster with taunt (All enemy Monsters target this Monster) doesn't affect this ability. It means that it ALWAYS attack at random.


My strategy

The ruleset of the battle is Fog of War (Monsters lose the Sneak and Snipe abilities) and Broken Arrows (Ranged attack Monsters may not be used in battles). Mana Cap of 36.

Usually for Fog of War, the strategy will be to place some monsters with opportunity, scattershoot and reach. A monster with great heal will also work well. The best option to play is Chaos Dragon plus Water Splinter due to Deeplurker with high attack, speed and oppotunity.

My main goal was to put high HP monsters in front with HUGE amount of melle attack plus shield. My backline monsters with tank heal in order to keep tank as long as possible on front position. My support monster on 2sc position was Torrent fiend as a meat (his role is to take one shoot and die) and Chaos Draon on third position due to scattershoot which is the most effective if hit somewhere in the middle of my opponent. It does 3 damage to target plus 2 damage to two monsters adjacent to it. The Deeplurker wit opportunity was behind them to hit from the back. Last position was for Hardy Stonefish in case of opportunity monsters who always hit monsters with lowest health.

Round 1

In first round the Demonshark attacked first and lowered opponent tank shield, then Chaos Draon made second attack and killed Corpse Fiend (thanks to scattershoot). It also damaged Void Dragon and Tank. The Deeplurker attacked third and killed Black Dragon in one shoot. My turn is over, it's time for my opponent.

My tank was hit by all opponent monsters. Due to high amount of HP and armor the Demonshark was still alive. Unfortunatly tank was hit by affliction (When a Monster with Affliction hits a target, it has a chance of applying Affliction on the target causing it to be unable to be healed) so it couldn't be heald in the next round.


Round 2

In second round the Demonshark destroyed shield of opponent's tank. Then the Chaos Dragon hit Djinn Muirat (scattershot worked excellent) and the Serpentine Mystic. As a result he Deeplurker could finish off Serpentine Mystic with only 3 HP left.

My opponet killed Demonshark and Fiend with only one HP, so Chaos Dragon took tank position. It has armor and 10 HP so can absorb many attacks.

Is it enought to win the battle? Check it below!


Round 3

The Void Dragon hit my Chaos Dragon and lower HP by 2. Then Chaos Dragon made his attack and decreased Harklow HP by 3 and Void Dragon HP by 1 due to Void (Reduced damage from Magic attacks) ability. My tank was max healed by Merdaali Guardian so it has again 10 HP. The Deeplurker hit the Harklow and made only 2 damage instead of 4. Why it has happend? The Harklow has shield ability (Attack damage gets halved (rounded up). Djinn Muirat and Harklow attack at the end, they have lowest speed on the battlefield. One monster hit my tank health and the other armor. Now round 3 is over.


Round 4

As always Void Draon attacks first and reduced my tank health from 7 to 5. Then Chaos Dragon kills Harklow and hit Void Dragon (Blast is awsome ability!). Then Merdaali Guardia heals my tank by 3 HP and Deeplurker does his great job and kills Void Dragon. Last monster Djinn Muirat make his shoot and reduce Chaos Dragon health by 3.


Round 5

In this turn it is known that battle is over. My opponent can make maximum of 3 damage. This amount of HP is healed every turn by my tank heal so it cannot be destroyed. My monsters have 7 attack damage in total so it is matter of time to win the battle.


Round 6 - Final

In the last round my tank health remain the same. The tank heal ability saved my life and helped to win the battle. As you can see it is important to combine multiple abilities in one battle to win.


Battle Results

This was battle in silver league. You can see how much DEC can you get once you reach this level. I am in the guild so have extra bonus for every win batttle. If you want to see full battle you can find it at this link.


Did my strategy work? What I would do differently next time?

Yes. Definitly my strategy worked as planned. Chaos Dragon is super effective and powerfull monster in Dragon Splinter especially in high mana battles.

What do I like about Dragon most?

Dragon Splinter gives possiblities to play with any other Splinter. As a result I have wide range of monsters to chose from. In addtion if I level up Dragon Summoner I can use higher level monsters from other Splinters.

What I do not like?

To be honest I do not see any negative in this Splinter. Dragon Splinter has many posibilities and it is my one of the best Splinter in the game. I also love to play water so I can play both of them at the same time.

If you don't have account yet join The Splinterlands

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, i hope you enjoy it.
Keep imroving your deck!!!
Regards @mr-kerad


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