Conquering the Dungeon of Bronze III Rank | Splinterlands



The Decks are set. The Dark Energy Crystal is enough. The fear is being conquered. While the environment is dark and no idea is going to face it. My monsters are roaring for battle. I trained them or they can't overcome the rustiness for such a long time in rest. Now that they asked for war. As their King, I have no right not to take them to the battlefield.
I noticed the Wizard of Eastwood was itching for battle. He was a good summoner to gather his strong troops. I already knew the troops were well-trained and ready to fight but still they needed his support. He stood in front and added attributes. He was a good supporter and a good summoner in gathering his army.
It was a good battle with tremendous opponents. The monsters were still skilled but mine were extraordinary. Of course, there was no battle without a victory. They returned with no loss and a couple of victories. This is not the beginning because the end is far from happening. I'll continue conquering as I sweep the treasure and kingdoms of others. To make sure to ready the armies for someone's vengeance. I'll always remind them to always sharpen their blades and emotions. Not to lower their guard down to avoid sneak attacks.
Oh, hello there, it was fun playing the monster decks in @splinterlands. I was captivated by it which made me think of lines and scripts about the battles. Here's my previous battle and maybe you can advise me for more ideas about it I'm not a newbie but I'm not an expert either. Hence, a strategic set of cards will be a good opportunity to fight stronger monsters.
Anyway, have fun playing with rewards in exchange. If you are not in the mood to write or to create content. Splinterlands will be your stress reliever and at the same, there's always a treasure that can be found. Before I forget, let's have a friendly match sometimes.

Thank you for reading

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