I'll Stand and continue Battling


When my mind was getting weaker thinking of many things. I decided to stand in front and participate in the battle. I thought defending my territory was the best choice I could make. I'm not strong like the others. Obviously, my army wasn't either. Though my determination allows me to fight for my rights.


Yes, I was fully aware that it was not enough. I understand that using an unsharpened sword would not remain a wound in every battle. Upon seeing my weapon it was full of dust and even rusts. But I thought it was better to retaliate rather than let me beat up. I'd prefer to endure the pain of fighting instead of doing nothing. Being a coward is not wrong when you know you'll just lose. However, I didn't want to submit to defeat when I knew to myself that I haven't done anything first.


I lost. I lay on the battlefield bleeding. I had no strength to fight anymore after the dehydrated battle. Still, I didn't lose hope. As long as I can move, I'll stand. My pride as a warrior didn't abandon me. One thing told me after so many battles that I fought. Even though I didn't win a single battle I learned something from it. The pain that I received left teachings on how to deal with the enemies. I'm not ashamed of how many times I kneeled down in front of my opponent because it gave me knowledge after.


One time, while seeking for another enemy there was a clue that I should not forget. That enemy kept using nature elements that provided me with techniques on how to defeat it. I saw a leaf so I immediately chose the fire element. No nature can withstand the ferocious hellfire. This time I was very confident that I would not go home tearing up. I laughed out loud because I was sure that this time it was my victory. I ignored my defeats, I smiled because at last, the trophy went into my hand.

Even so, I kept fighting and fighting because I knew to myself that when I became stronger there will always be someone who is stronger. That makes the battle funnier because you lost and then won. As long as you have a heart with a warrior you will always have a hunger for battle.

You can watch me fighting here

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