Bought 4 Riftwatcher Summoners

Hello Friends
I hope that everyone is doing good and playing more battles in the game. This game is so much fun and one of the best players to earn a game built on blockchain. I was trying to submit the post for the last 2 days but because of a busy schedule and more work, I did not get time to write the post.

I was busy with work but at the same time, I was also trying to go through some cards. Whenever I get some time then I learn more about the cards. I think this is the basic information that everyone needs to know about the game. If you want to play the game then you must have the card information then only you can win the battles.


I have been trying to spend time on this to have a better understanding. I am a slow learner and I need more time to understand things but once I understand then I find myself comfortable position about that thing. I have been studying this game for the last couple of months. Now I think I have got a bunch of knowledge but that is not all for sure. I am utilizing this knowledge who add some cards to my account. I know that I have taken a few months to decide whether I need to buy the cards and what cards I need to select first.

Last week I did buy some cards from Chaos legion and this week I purchased 4 summoners from riftwatchers. These are nice and powerful cards that I have purchased. I still hold basic cards and this is the reason why I do not play the game.


I think it will be good for me to rent out these cards once I have a good collection. It is good for me because I do not know more about battle strategies. Once I will learn about the battle strategies then I will start playing but, in the meantime, I will continue to buy as many cards as possible. Earning that I am receiving through the challenge post is helpful and I am investing them to buy cards and tokens.

I know that summoner cards are expensive so first I am focusing to buy more summoners. A bank chip card will not be a problem but if I have expensive cards in my account first then I think it will be good for me. Hopefully, you can see me holding more some nurse in the next few weeks. I believe it is a good idea to buy from the latest editions including CL and riftwatchers.

I can't say whether the price is high or not because I am new in the game but looks like a better deal to me when I buy the cards between the range of 3 to 5 dollars. Vinod cards I have purchased, and all these are from the rift watchers level 1. This is the beginning as I will also be upgrading these cards as soon as possible.

I tried a bit different strategy here. I did buy credits when the price for hbd was high so I got more credits. I kept on accumulating these credits over time and this way I was able to buy expensive cards where the high dollar is USD pegged coin. Again, I will hold some high dollars and will wait for the opportunity when can buy more credits that will help me purchase more cards.

I just believe that this game is a great project, and I am not in Harry so I will try my best strategy to add more and more cards to my account. I am not in Harish so I will give myself enough time to research and then buy some of the best cards available in the market. I do not want to buy packers now because I feel it is good to buy the cards from the open market. Packs are like a surprise where I do not know what cards I will be getting but with the market, I can decide what car I want to buy.

This is all for the day in this post and I will share another update in my next post about the game and further strategy. I would appreciate it if you can help me with any strategy that can help me to increase my game account value.

Thanks a lot.

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