Buy Chaos Legion Packs before the Supply Ends

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Happy weekend and hope that you're doing well. The weekend is ending in a few hours but still, whatever time is left can be used well for more gaming. Gaming is always fun and there is a lot to explore and learn. It's Saturday today and a time for us to enjoy the time and place game.

Splinterlands is burning 25k Chaos legion packs daily and because of this, the supply is getting shorted faster. We are much closer to the end of the cl packs. We already have the next pack's edition in place, and it is called riftwatchers. This is a mini edition with a total supply of 5 million whereas the Chaos legion had 15 million. We are left with very less time to buy the cl packs as once the supply is exhausted then we can buy only from the market.


The Chaos Legion edition of Splinterlands is nearing its end. There's a certain level of bittersweet to this, especially since we'll have to wait months until the dawn of the next core edition (Rebellion!).

The serial pack edition was launched in 2021 it's been almost one and a half years but because supply was on the higher side, so it took time to get the purchases done. The team has done the right initiative at the right time to burn the excessive supply so that we can see more price appreciation over the period. Now we are pretty close to ending the supply in the game and currently, it is less than 200k packs left for Mark 14 million supply exhausted. This also means that there will be another AirDrop once 14 million packs are sold out and with that, this addition will be sunset in the game.


This is the last chance for anyone who wants to buy CL packs in the game. If you are still looking to buy CL packs then this is the right time, and you should go for it as soon as possible because we are hardly left with the last days to get it over. We will have the option to buy the bags from the market, but it is highly expected that the price will not remain the same so that we can get in-game purchases. I have done a comparison between the previous editions including untamed. there was a significant price increase after the supply, and I am expecting that the same pattern will be followed with this pack edition as well.

Even there is some promotional offer going on as announced by the team so anyone who is buying in bulk quantity will be able to get additional benefits on the purchase. For this, I would suggest you go and check out the official account and there is one post that you will find useful. Everyone likes some promotional benefit if available so in this case, if you are looking to buy the packs in bulk quantity then I am sure that you should check it out because you never know if it can help you grab some additional benefits on the purchase.

The upcoming pack name is rebellion, but I think this will take some time to get launched. It is because we already have another pack edition in place that anyone can buy from the shop. I think we should have one edition at a time for the community to step focus rather than offering multiple options because this might create confusion and might not go well for the project.

I have now there is no announcement for the launch date for rebellion but there is something not more important I believe. I did buy some cards from the rift watchers recently. I expect that once the CL packs supply is over then we can see a price spike with rift watchers so I think now is also a good time to buy more cards from another version. This is not financial advice anyway, but I am just trying to figure out how things might work in the future as I have done some purchases recently from the latest version of packs. I know that they will be much more in the game which brings excitement for the players as well as investors so stay tuned for the same.

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Keep on playing the game and have fun.

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