Splinterlands Chaos Legion Daily Burn Proposal is almost Passed

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I hope that many of you might have seen the proposal submitted by the splinterlands team in the portal. I think it is very important that we need to keep ourselves updated about the latest happenings in the game. A proposal is a way that can help us to know what changes they are suggesting and if it is approved by the community then implementation will start. I have seen an update shared by them where they talked about the burn plan for their CL edition. Chaos legion was launched last year with a total supply of 50 million in total. They have already sold out more than 10 million packs till now which means 66% of the supply has been sold out. Now they are left with 33% but because this is taking too long which should not be the case.

They have submitted a proposal that they want to burn 25000 packs every day. They will start the burn process effective the first of December 2022, and this will continue to happen until 31st March 2023. This is a four-month period, and they will be burning 25000 packs every day. They have also mentioned that they will follow the same time every day to execute the burn process. This is a good proposal, and I am sure that this is going to be approved.


I have checked the current status of this proposal and as of now 75% of the community has supported it. This simply means that this proposal is passed. H Pradeep requires any proposal needs at least 66.67% of votes in favor of this to get past. Now because 75% of people have already voted in support of the proposal then we can consider it as passed. Chaos legion is a big set of packs edition and people have got so many cards in the game. These days the price is low because of which I think supply is one of the main reasons.

When they will start burning the packs then I expect that after 31st March when they will be no packs left in the shop, it can be a good reason for a price spike. While we already have rift watchers in place, but this is a mini edition. The supply is also very limited with rift watches and the next edition is also announced.

As of now, they have just shared the name of the next edition which will be called rebellion. More details should be shared later by the team I believe but I expect that they need to plan things accordingly. Once the proposal is implemented then they must arrange to execute the action in a plant way and once the supply is finished by 31st March or before then they need to plan for the next edition. There has to be a decent number of gaps in the launch of the next edition and between the end of the last one. This should not be the case because the last was burned out just now and in the next couple of days, we have another edition launched.


If it happens then this will create a lot of issues and maybe people will have less participation. I expect the team has gone through all the aspects already and they will try their best to plan things as best as possible. Let's see how things will be managed and executed later and how it affects the price of CL edition cards. I preferred cards to packs because this way I can get the card that I want. This is going to be a long-time journey and I am sure they will be many more things on the way that we need to be part of.

I appreciate and support this proposal and hopefully, the reason why this action is planned will work in the favor of CL edition inventory and price.

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