Splinterlands Town Hall Update- More focus on Lands in the game

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I hope that you are doing well wherever you are and even I am fine. The splinterlands team is very active in terms of communication. I believe this is very important to keep the community informed. This is very important to share the update with the community about development and overall progressive agenda that can help the community to learn and understand. I see that they keep on doing town halls quite frequently because they want to keep the community updated. Communication is the key in business and the way they are managing it is pretty good I am sure there would be a very smaller number of people who might complain about the communication from this place to earn games on the blockchain.



I was not part of the call, but I have gone through the post and it's good to see that now they are focusing on various aspects to enhance further. Enhancement and upgrades are important to make the experience better and that is something that is also needed for any project to bring refreshment in terms of a better experience for users.

Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - December 5th, 2022!

Lands on splinterlands are a key thing but sadly there has not been much developed on this site. The community is waiting for more development on these so that they can experience this newly launched product which we have been holding for almost 2 years. They have recently laid off the 45% of the manpower from their team which is not a good thing but considering the current market situation I am sure they have done it for the betterment of the project. They had already mentioned in the post that now they will be focusing more on the development and also will add more action on the lands. This is good and, in this town hall update, I can see more points on the lands which is a good start I would say.

Maybe we can expect some great news in the New year about lands as per today's Townhall update however there have been no dates shared on the same. It is still tentative, and we need to wait for some time which can be a couple of months. I believe that lands on the sprinkler and will be a great segment where people are going to get a great opportunity to on the assets as well as farm various assets. It is difficult to predict how things will be happening later as it has not been revealed however the overall experience will be amazing for sure and I can say this from my experience of a few months on the project.

It is very important to have a look at such Town hall updates and see what the team is working on to bring more value to the project as well as bring more opportunities for the community members. There are many things that are awaited and including Lands, tower defense, and even genesis league games on the platform.

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