Splinterlands Validator node License- A long term Investment

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It's my post about splinterlands and today am discussing the validator node license. Validator node license is an important part of the splinterlands game as announced by the team. It is not active as of now, but it is expected that it will get active by the end of this year. The development is going on and maybe it takes time which is also OK because the team has started paying the rewards to the license holders.

If the development will take time to enable the activation, then also the holders will be able to earn some rewards and I think this is good passive learning that they will enjoy while waiting for the activation. As per the details provided by the splinterlands team, it is going to be one of the assets which will generate sps in the game, and later the value of the node license will also increase. The pricing has been decided in a way that it will keep on increasing based on sales so whereby the license early will be in profit because later prices will be high.

The pre-sale for the license is already over and even the first stage is sold. This is also called tranche so technically now Tranche 2 is going on and the price is 5000 USD. There is an option to avail discount if this is purchased through the splinterlands shop by using the voucher tokens and this is also a good use case for the voucher token.


Each Node License is a transferrable in-game NFT that may be activated once the Node Program is launched (target: Q4 2022). Licenses do not expire and are eligible to earn SPS and Voucher rewards indefinitely

Whoever will hold the license will be able to earn sps tokens along with vouchers and this will continue indefinitely. There is also no expiry for the license, and you will be able to earn rewards as long as you are holding it in your account. Now because the game is growing and has a long-term road map so we can expect that this is going to bring a lot of rewards on the way to the holders. I have done some calculations and as for the current reward rate we can easily earn about $100 in a month by just holding one license in the account. We must move the license to the game account to be eligible for the daily reward. There is also an option to buy the license from the market and probably you can get it for a lesser price as compared to the shop. There is no difference if you buy it from the shop or the market but as long as you are holding it in your account will give you a daily reward.


if we buy one license using the sps token then we need to pay approximately 35,000 sps along with 500 vouchers. The cost of the sps token is 2.5 K U.S. dollars and additionally, 500 vouchers will be used. If we consider the voucher value approximately 250 USD, then the total cost would be 2750 U.S. dollars.

I know that this amount is not small and maybe many users will think twice before investing in the license. I believe that this is going to be a long-term investment so if you believe in the project and the game growth then you can invest. With just one time investment you will be able to reap the benefits how many more years and till the time you are holding it in your account.

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