Splintershards (SPS) reached its bottom?

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Happy Saturday to you and hoping that you are doing well and having a nice time with your near and dear ones. We are part of the crypto market and these days the prices are down, so it is obvious that most of us try to pay close attention to see how things are going. This is also good because sometimes we get a better deal when we can buy some of the coins at the bottom price. I also believe that we need to have some family time or anytime that we can enjoy ourselves. Spending the whole day in the crypto market should not be a regular practice.

I have been tracking the price for the SPS coin which is the governance token of the sprinterlands game. When we say governance, it means the token comes with certain benefits as compared to other coins in the market. These benefits are given to the people who are holding the coin and they can also contribute to the change management in the project. I mean to say if we are part of the governance in any project then we can accept or reject the proposal shared by the project which I think is a very important part.



There are many other benefits of holding such coins because if I take the example of splinterlands then holders are getting the opportunity to a decent APR on the holding. this is available for everyone and not just for the people who are the earlier doctors which means anyone who holds SPS in the account and follows the conditions then rewards will come automatically.

Today I check the price of SPS, and I think the current price is the lowest ever I have seen. It's been more than 6 months for me in this play-to-earn game where I am trying to explore multiple aspects. I am not just exploring cards, but I am also learning more about the token and the economy because I expect the next will be an important aspect to consider before doing any investment. I am not saying that cards are not important in the game but along with the cards token is other assets in the game and people will be able to earn as per their holding.



I don't think there is any problem with the project because I can see a lot of development here and the only reason can be for this price deep because of the market fluctuation. Even in the new year and Christmas time lot of people say loud their crypto so that they can celebrate the festivals and get the money they sell off some crypto. I am not sharing any financial advice here, but I feel that the current price it's a great opportunity to bag more tokens and just deposit them in the account. We can start earning the reward immediately after the deposit and this can give us the development opportunity to earn a decent income on this investment that we have done on SPS. First, we can earn an apr of approximately 24%, and second, we also earn GLX tokens as a bonus which I think is a great addition to the income.

I am not talking about the price appreciation that we are going to see in a few months and maybe a few years but once that will happen then it is going to be even more rewarding and profitable. It is difficult to predict the next movement of SPS in the market, but one thing is for sure buying now is a great idea and there is a high probability for the price to grow up and anyways we are earning a good income on the same holding.

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Keep on playing the game and have fun.

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