What Will The Future of Splinterlands Look Like?


The future of Splinterlands will be fancy and crowded. We can also be sure that diversity will increase.

Splinterlands Universe

Splinterlands started its journey as a play-to-earn game operating on the Hive blockchain. In the five years since its inception, it has gone beyond being a fantasy-themed war game played with cards. Today we can talk about the Splinterlands universe. Two more games set in this universe are still being built: One is Secret of Praetoria, based on land. Splinterlands monsters and cryptocurrencies will prevail in this game. Unique cards will be produced and traded in the buildings built on the Lands. Another game under development is Splinterlands Tower Defense. This game has its tower and spells. Also, traditional Splinterlands cards can be staked within towers. In the future, we may witness the development of new games set in the Splinterlands universe. Splinterlands cards and cryptocurrencies used jointly in these games will create an integrated digital economy.

The increasing popularity of the Splinterlands universe will result in the adventure continuing in media other than games. We have already started watching animes set in the Splinterlands universe. Major Splinterlands monsters have their own stories. Therefore, we may encounter Splinterlands books, movies, and anime. These would likely be interactive content. A metaverse setting with three-dimensional versions of the Splinterlands characters also seems possible.

Splinterlands As A Business

The team that built Splinterlands specializes in creating and selling digital cards. Trading cards are used extensively in the field of sports. Digitization had made these cards fall off the agenda, but the birth of NFTs opened up a new opportunity window for trading cards. The emergence of the Genesis League Sports brand is not surprising in this respect. The agreement with the association of U.S. football league players is the first of the games in the sports field. Card games would later emerge, covering sports such as hockey, baseball, American football, and wrestling. In addition, if Genesis League Goals is successful, deals can be made with football leagues of other countries.

Genesis League Sports' management token is airdropped to Splinterlands management token holders for one year. Therefore, card games developed outside the Splinterlands universe also benefit Splinterlands investors.

Interoperable Future Of Splinterlands

Splinterlands games in development will operate on the Hive blockchain. On the other hand, this does not change the fact that Splinterlands is linked to different blockchains. We can use significant cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB on the Hive Engine, which was created to trade Splinterlands assets. Bridges established between the relevant blockchains and Hive make these transactions possible. We can also trade Splinterlands' management token, SPS, on the Ethereum, BNB, and Polygon networks.

Splinterlands has also been developing its side chain on Hive since last year. Genesis League Sports will also have a separate side chain. Thus, Splinterlands assets will take the next level of decentralization in the future. Splinterlands DAO, on the other hand, is developing on the BNB network. Oracles will provide the connection between Hive and BNB.

NFTS were born on Ethereum. The most significant NFT trading volume takes place on this network. With the Runi project, Splinterlands has created an NFT bridge with the Ethereum network. Runi, a special Splinterlands card, is traded on Ethereum. Once Runi is blocked on Ethereum, it becomes available in-game. It will not be surprising if the number of collectibles sold on Ethereum increases.

Sustainability of Splinterlands Economy

Understanding how the Splinterlands economy works is a challenging task. We play games, have fun, and earn money! Really? To remain competitive in Splinterlands, we should make new investments periodically. Therefore, it takes work to extract value from the Splinterlands economy. The game's economy is based on the increased variety of cards used. This situation does not result in a decrease in the value of existing cards. Because over time, the number of players increases, and previous card collections are worth more. Thanks to the newly released cards, the prizes distributed in the game return to the system. Splinterlands is played with more than 500 cards, and owning or renting a significant part of these cards is necessary to succeed in the higher leagues.

Splinterlands outperformed their rivals in the bear season. We owe this performance to the innovative financial mechanisms developed. For example, soulbound reward cards, which will be sold after a while, motivate the players. Likewise, means involving the conversion of game tokens and NFTs to each other can be counted among the original inventions.

Splinterlands, one of the leading examples of Web3 economies, is also affected by market conditions. In bull market periods, things are easier when there is resource inflow. Increasing DAO funds and balancing financial mechanisms will contribute to sustainability in the future.

Impact of Developments In the Crypto Industry

The emerging innovations in the crypto industry have made Splinterlands possible. The Splinterlands team gradually brought innovations like a decentralized exchange, blockchain bridges, and DAO into the ecosystem. Every innovation that emerges makes web3 more prosperous and powerful. For example, the emergence of sidechains has alleviated the scaling problem of blockchains. We have yet to determine what innovations will emerge in the crypto industry, but innovations will undoubtedly contribute to the economy of Splinterlands.

During the next bull rally, Splinterlands could become the focus of mainstream media attention and be widely recognized. The Splinterlands card game is not for the average Joe. Over time, maybe Splinterlands games based on simpler mechanisms may emerge.


We can be confident that the number of Splinterlands players will increase because the game and the technologies that make it possible constantly evolve. It's cool to be a Splinterlands player. Large masses will also want to benefit from this image over time.

Splinterlands is a pioneering web3 ecosystem, and it has great economic potential. Just as there are millionaires who invested in Ethereum in the early period, the number of Splinterlands millionaires may increase. The beautiful thing about the future is that we do not know precisely what will happen. I hope good things will happen.

Thank you for reading.

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