How are my earnings with Splinterlands after my first month? Come and I'll tell you about it!



In a previous post I talked about the benefits of having an account in Splinterlands and in another one, I talked about some tips an advices that you can follow if you are new in the game and want to start playing, and I have also tried to post regularly about my progress in the game and in the process I have obtained a spectacular retribution from all the people who read me, and I'm not only talking about the rewards, but also about the great support among the majority of the users who make community here. But, where is the proofs of everything I say? anyone can think that I'm just talking for the sake of talking or even, that someone is paying me to give a good image about the game and create some marketing, but no, it's not like that, all the good things I say about this game, I say them because the game has shown me that it deserves the praise, and as they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, that's why I come to bring you a complete update of what my earnings and losses have been so far and why I think that starting to play Splinterlands was my best investment of the year.


When this begins?

I started playing on the 27th day of the previous month, I am two days away from my first month of playing. I insist on saying it, even though I enjoy the game very much, I still see it as an investment, that is my course and I do not plan to lose it, but of course, I do not want to stop enjoying the game, and the key to that is to manage very well the resources I have. That day 27 I made my first investment, obviously, the 10$ of my Summoner's Speelbook and also, 4$ in my first rented cards, because before buying my book I investigated in Splintertalk all the possible advices I could to enter with the best possible knowledge. But reading about it and already being inside the game are two very different things and since I played my first game I knew I was in love with this game, so I put all my efforts in not losing the initial focus, so I focused on learning and doing my missions every day, maybe it was luck or destiny, but in my third daily mission reward I got a legendary card from the Reward edition: Almo Cambio, which I sold at that time for 39$.

  • Investments: $14

  • profit: $39

  • Balance: $15

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The profits begin...

Before I continue, I want to clarify that I am adding to the profits everything that I traded in the game, there are still cards that I have in my possession that I am not going to sell, so even if that card was worth 10.000$ (hopefully) I am not going to put it as a profit because I did not sell it, I am using it in the game, as I said, there is a balance between my fun in the game and my profits with it.

We continued then, the days went by, my first season reward arrived, from the 39$ I got from selling my card, I started to make investments, first of all, I opened an account for my girlfriend, @vvgm, so she could start playing too, I bought another 10$ in DEC although I don't take it as an investment since I have that 10$ in my game balance and if I need it for something else, I can withdraw it in 10 seconds. I used another 10$ for another project outside Splinterlands, which is a topic for another post, the days went by and I got my second big reward, 2000 DEC in a daily mission chest, by that time, it had a value of 14$ approximately along with some other rewards that I don't put here because I used them to rent more cards or some cards that I kept for my collection. And I kept on doing my quests without missing any, in fact until today, I haven't stopped doing any quest, and that's why I don't call luck the fact that I get good rewards, but a reward for my effort.

  • Investments: $34

  • profit: $53

  • Balance: $19

Then the new Reward edition cards appeared 17 days ago, with a 50% chance of getting them in mission chests, there I saw a good opportunity to increase my collection and it turned out to be much more than that. I bought two mission potions, which generate 5 more reward chests in each mission, so in total I opened 12 chests instead of two, and the rewards of those chests can be seen here below, I'm not even going to take the time to explain it, as I said before, the images speak for themselves. in my third potion I got 4 legendary potions and one alchemy potion, and that's where chance strikes, because the reward of using this potion can be a marvel, like the first two, or something very basic, like the last one. That epic GF, I sold it in the market for 40$ and the two legendary ones, one for 18$ and the other for 16$, if you wonder why I sell them instead of keeping them the reason is simple, to keep the DEC in my account to increase my SPS airdrop, since I want to enter the presale of the new Chaos Legion packs, I am studying for now my possibilities for it.

  • Investments: $49

  • profit: $127

  • Balance: $78



If you have followed the whole post up to this point you will have noticed a strategy that I have as an unbreakable rule. Never, ever, invest more money than I have earned, I have no possibility of large investments so I have to be very cautious, because in my current economy, if I lose the 50$ I invested, it would affect me a lot in my daily accounts and it is something I can not afford, every investment has its risk and that's why I think that caution is the first thing to do. Taking this into account, I am now evaluating more possible ways to invest my money and get a return on it, while I can continue to evolve in the game, just today I made another investment of $8 in rented cards to try to climb the maximum possible towards the end of the season that is approaching, and having between eyebrow and eyebrow what will be the next packs of Chaos Legion, so far, I spent a total of $57 and I have earned more than double, I have improved my cards and I still have not a month playing this game... so... what are you waiting for? do you want to play Splinterlands? click here.


All images are taken from the official game website, credits to whom it may concern.

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wow bro, you are so lucky opening chest, i start the game 5 days ago and i only have the venari wavesmith that had helped me a lot, but i had have bad luck with the other chest only pots legendary/gold, for now i dont know what is the most efective cards to rent so i haven´t do it but right now i hope to get a good card to sell and get more cards to strengthen my deck 👍


If you want to contact me by any social network (I'm more active on Discord and Twitter) and I'll give you some tips that have helped me to rent and take advantage of that rent, and if you are consistent with the missions, sure you will soon get something good.