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Greetings to all!

In this new weekly challenge, the goal is to win a game where Elven Cuttroat is the protagonist, this is one of my favorite cards of the starters for the qualities it has, and taking advantage of all the potential that can be taken out of certain skills in Silver rank, I decided to participate, so here I bring you my battle, LET'S GO!


Let's start with the rules of the battle, which were two, the first one did not allow summoners to give any kind of buff to the monsters and the second one granted the Blast ability to each of my monsters, and the mana allowed was 27 points, only prohibiting the Dragon type monsters.


The team.png

The Summoner:


  • Alric Stormbringer: I chose Alric even though it would have been the same thing, since his buff did not affect the monsters, I chose him to be able to take out my water monsters, especially the Oshannus, since studying my opponent's alignments, he was using the water alignment with magical attacks, powerful, but useless in this case.

The Monsters:

  • The Kraken: One of the most powerful tanks that has the water element, its high shield, its high HP and powerful attack make it a fearsome enemy, even when the mana is not high enough to afford to summon a card that costs 12 points.

  • Djinn Oshannus: This card is very strong for bronze and silver in my opinion, it has a lot of speed, good magic attack and very good HP, serves as a perfect tank to counter Alric himself, as his ability weakens the magic attacks, and by placing him second, it cancels the Blast ability to the entire opposing team.

  • Elven Cuttroat: The star of the post stayed in the third position, waiting like a silent assassin ready to finish off opponents from the back to the front, doing the typical pincer movement, attacking them from the first and last position in each round and also with the blast ability.

  • Creeping Ooze: This card entered the lineup with a single task, to slow down the opponent, so the damage received in each round would be a lot because all my monsters would attack first than his, that's where I secured the victory in the battle.



It's time to duel!

Here you got the battle link In case you want to see it directly.

Round 1.

round 1.png

My Ooze slows down all his monsters while his Venari generates a shield, Oshannus starts the round of attacks, as his attack is magic he ignores the shield and lowers the HP of both his tank and his second card, followed by the Kraken's attack which is very powerful and to finish my turn, Elven does damage to the last card of the opponent, then they attack my Kraken, which withstands the attacks and thanks to the ability of the Oshannus, all blast attacks do damage to the last card of the opponent, Elven does damage to the last card of the opponent, then they attack my Kraken, which withstands the attacks and thanks to the ability of Oshannus, all blast attacks do 0 damage, this battle is already won from the moment I chose the alignment.

Round 2.

round 2.png

In round 2, Oshannus left his first two monsters very weak, which were finished off by my Kraken, equaling the fight to 4 monsters per side, but Elven kept doing damage in the rear, giving me the advantage since my Oshannus from this point was immortal and my Kraken would hold at least 3 more rounds.

Round 3.

round 3.png

For the final round, his 2 pixies fell by the magic attack of the Oshannus, which as I said before ignores the shield and these two cards have only 1 life point, his Venari went to first place but thanks to the previous attacks of Elven Cuttroat, he arrived without shield to the tank position, that made the Kraken erase him from the game with just one hit, also his Blast ability did 2 points of damage to Elven Mystic, his last card, leaving it with only 1 point of life and totally at the mercy of my Elven Cuttroat so that he could give the final blow of this duel, giving me the victory.


In Splinterlands it is very important to know how to use the strategy in favor to win games, this particular alignment that I used here, would not have served in a ''general'' way or at least would not have performed so well if I had not deduced that my opponent was going to align magic attack monsters, it is not only about having and aligning the most powerful cards, but to know how to do it. In fact, using Torhilo The Frozen or Rusty Android (just to mention the ones I have in my collection) I would have had an even more overwhelming victory than this one, that's why it's important to study the cards but also to study your opponents, believe me that wins games before you have them.



I hope you enjoyed this battle and hopefully the strategy works for you, if you want to see more content like this I invite you to follow me and be aware of my publications on Splinterlands, in my last posts I have been sharing strategies for the game at low ranks and doing card giveaways, don't miss them! if you have any battle you want to share with me you can leave me the link in the comments to review it, thank you very much for reading and greetings to all.

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