Amateurs, Beginners, and Novices were still a Threat!


Hello Splinterlands Community!
Welcome to another SHARE YOUR BATTLE WEEKLY CHALLENGE and this week's chosen monster is Djinn Apprentice. The Word Apprentice means Beginner, Novice, Amateur, Baguhan in Tagalog.


Djinn Apprentices prefer to study under more powerful djinn to hone their magic. While not as strong or cunning as others of their kin, they are just as dangerous to untrained warriors.
When the Chaos Legion arrived, it had a diverse effect on the djinn. Not a unified race by any means, some chose to align with the Chaos Legion, some chose to defend against it, and others chose to go their path and leave it all behind. Djinn Apprentices chose to align themselves with Djinn Inferni, believing in his mission and his vision.



  • Djinn Apprentice is a rare fire monster.
  • It has 2 magic damage, 2 speed and 4 HP in Level 1, in level 4 it gains extra 1 magic damage and 1 speed. Upon reaching level 6 it unlocks his 1 and only skills the Deathblow (This Monster does 2x damage if their target is the only Monster left on the enemy team) which means it deals 6 magic damage to the remaining monster in the enemy's team. At Max Level, it gains again +1 magic attack a total of 4 magic attacks, 4 speed and 5 HP.
  • Today's market value is $0.12per Bcx in regular foil and $1.55 per Bcx in Gold Foil.



Combat Rules:

This is a Silver League Battle with a 32 mana cap and the rules are:

Back to Basics ( Monsters lose all abilities) and Stampede (The Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed).
Available Splinters: Fire, Water, Earth and Light.


  • In this battle stampede ruleset was useless because of the other combat rule back to basics.
  • All melee monsters can only attack when they are in 1st position, and the back row monster is safe from the snipe, sneak and opportunity attacks.
  • Mage and range attack monsters are the key in this battle.
  • Choose a summoner that increases damage or defence against magic, ranged and melee attacks.
  • Our strategy here is to pick a monster with high damage, high speed, and high HP.

Line Up


Conqueror Jacek (1).pngConqueror JacekSummoner(+2 Speed, Scattershot, (This monster's attacks hit a random enemy target) Piercing (If Melee or Ranged attack damage is in excess of the target's Armor, the remainder will damage the target's Health)
Forgotten One.pngForgotten OneTank(4 melee attack, 2 speed, 5 armor and 9 HP)A good tank in this Back to Basics battle. It has high damage, decent speed, (+2 speed from summoner)high armor and high HP.
Scorch Fiend.pngScorch FiendFiller(1 melee attack, 2 speed and 1 HP) 1 hit last resort tank 0 mana.
Radiated Scorcher.pngRadiated ScorcherFiller(1 melee attack, 2 speed and 2 HP) Another meat shield if our Forgotten One and Scorch Fiend falls.
26uUsAjKTsXCDw7zixZR182JbFKvgzJ9YwsFpTVcRaGCmsqhA1unTgprEeEZ5zUEEXtXisitCc8YDGDNSxPxvjKMaDSh1gYHjWFxi7PF8wLmwx2rCFWkEkE6dkp8aWJMvyjaywPFwBM318TjZ2PCfRkJ81Sswkt3MGLpLN.pngDjinn ApprenticeDPS(2 magic attack, 3 speed and 4 HP)
Djinn Inferni.pngDjinn InferniDPS(3 magic attack, 4 speed and 4 HP)
Scavo Firebolt.pngScavo FireboltDPS(2 range attack, 3 speed and 4 HP)

Let's see our opponent's cards:

Our opponent brings a Wizard of Eastwood (-2 armor in opponents monster)together with:

  • Oaken Behemoth (2 magic and 2 melee attacks, 3 speed, 2 armor and 9 HP) A legendary monster from Earth Element. It's a unique monster with melee and magic attacks. It deals with a total of 4 damages in every round.


  • Regal Peryton ( 2 magic attacks, 6 speed and 5 HP)

  • Creeping Ooze and Furious Chicken

  • Iza the Fanged ( 2 range attacks, 4 speed and 3 HP)

  • Goblin Tower ( 3 range attacks, 1 speed, 3 armor and 4 HP)

The enemies team has a total of 2 melee, 4 magic and 5 range attacks.

Let's see what will happen in this battle.

Round 1

Starts with buffing the debuff of all Summoners. Creeping Ooze and Furious Chicken have died at the hands of Djinn Inferni and Scavo Firebolt. Both tanks still standing after this round. Our Forgotten One with 5 HP and Oaken Behemoth with 7 HP.

Round 2


Djinn Inferni once again killed enemies monster. ( Iza the Fanged).
Our Forgotten One falls due to a double attack of the Oaken Behemoth. Scorch Fiend takes place but only for a second because Goblin Tower targeted him.

Round 3

Our two Djinn attacked first and targeted the back-row monsters of the enemy the Regal Peryton and Goblin Tower. Oaken Behemoth also falls due to a combined attack of Scavo Firebolt and Radiated Scorcher and secures our victory!


Want to see the full battle? Just click HERE.

Thought of the Battle:

As I observed in this battle the monster with high speed has a very big chance to win in the battle.

Did my strategy work?

Yes! Choosing Jacek as a Summoner is a big help. +2 speed and Scattershot were awesome our monsters take the back row damage dealers.

Do I like Djinn Apprentice?

Yes! Even though he was still an apprentice he still was a threat to others.

What will I do next time?

I will try to use him combined with Jacek in an Explosive Weaponry rule. I want to see how awesome his attacks a with a blast.

Alright! That's all for this share your battle weekly challenge. Thank you for reading. Have a great day ahead! God bless Us all. Happy Weekend!


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The analysis of the battle under these conditions is well detailed, it is well understood how the victory was achieved.
Thanks for sharing.