Great Combination Conqueror Jacek and Grum Flameblade



Good day Splinterlands Community! Hello Splinter Fam. Last Weekly Battle Challenge featuring Djinn Apprentice I mentioned there ( What will I do next time?) I will try to use him combined with Jacek in an Explosive Weaponry rule. I want to see how awesome he attacks with a blast. And here it is.

• Combat Rules

This is a Silver League Battle with a 38 mana cap and the rules are Noxious Fumes (All Monsters start the battle Poisoned) and Explosive Weaponry (All Monsters have the Blast ability)

Available Splinter: Fire, Earth and Light

• Battle


• Line up
Conqueror Jacek (1).png1⭐ Conqueror JacekSummoner with +2 Speed, Scattershot (This monster's attacks hit a random enemy target) and Piercing (If Melee or Ranged attack damage is more than the target's Armor, the remainder will damage the target's Health) Conqueror Jacek fits well in Explosive Weaponry rule because of the Scattershot and Piercing abilities it may maximize the Blast effect and it ignores the Taunt(All enemy Monsters target this Monster) ability of the enemy's monster.
Grum Flameblade.png1⭐Grum FlamebladeTank (4 melee attack, 1 speed, 5 armor and 10 HP) with Bloodlust and Void Armor abilities. It is a high-damage tank combined with Conqueror Jacek this monster becomes deadlier and feared by many.
Venator Kinjo.png1⭐Venator KinjoSupport (1 melee attack, 2 speed and 1 HP) with Reflection Shield (This Monster is immune to all indirect, or reflected damage. That means that it will not take damage from Blast, Thorns, Return Fire, or Magic Reflect) and Camouflage (This Monster cannot be targeted for attacks unless it's in the first position) This Monster is very helpful in Explosive Weaponry because of the Reflection Shield ability it absorbs the Blast effect of enemy's attack.
Forgotten One.png2⭐ Forgotten OneSecondary Tank (4melee attack, 2 speed, 5 armor and 9 HP) with Immunity ability my other tank just in case Grum won't last long in this battle. I also put it in 3rd position for him to not take damage before his time to fight. In every battle that has the Noxious Fumes rule, I always have 2 options it's ** Forgotten One or Harklaw it depends on what Splinters are available.
Tenyii Striker.png2⭐Tenyii StrikerDps/Sneak (3 melee attack, 3 speed and 6 HP) with Sneak ability (Targets the last Monster on the enemy Team instead of the first Monster) I choose Sneak Monster in this battle for the damage dealers of my opponents and also because most of my opponent with this rule they position their monster with Immunity at the very last position.
26uUsAjKTsXCDw7zixZR182JbFKvgzJ9YwsFpTVcRaGCmsqhA1unTgprEeEZ5zUEEXtXisitCc8YDGDNSxPxvjKMaDSh1gYHjWFxi7PF8wLmwx2rCFWkEkE6dkp8aWJMvyjaywPFwBM318TjZ2PCfRkJ81Sswkt3MGLpLN.png2⭐ Djinn ApprenticeDPS(2 magic attack, 3 speed and 4 HP) Djinn Apprentice also a good combination with Conqueror Jacek in Explosive Weaponry rule.

In this lineup, in my last 2 mana, I was confused about who would I choose it's either Venator Kinjo or Scavo Chemist these 2 monsters are all essential in this battle.

Venator Kinjo.pngFor the Blast effect.Scavo Chemist.png For the poison effect. It Cleanses the poison in Grum Flameblade

But I choose Venator Kinjo for 2 reasons.

  • Blast effect may take more damage than the poison.

  • Scavo Chemist targeted by monsters with the Snipe and Opportunity ability and also may damage by the Blast and die easily without removing the poison in Grum Flameblade.

Let's see what is the lineup of our opponent.

Our opponent used Light Element.

  • General Sloan - For additional Range damage.
  • Shield Bearer - with Taunt ability
  • Truth Speaker - +2 armor for additional defense.
  • Lone Boatman, Air Elemental, Pelacor Arbalest, and Venari Crystalsmith - for DPS.

Our opponent focuses on a Ranged attack against our tank it may deal a total of 11 range damage, 2 melee attacks in our tank and 3 range attacks for the Snipe. And with that, we are lucky that we choose Venator Kinjo in 2nd Position.

Let's see what will happen in this battle.


Round 1

Starts with buffed and debuff with monsters and summoners. Truth Speaker was the first to die in this battle at the hands of Grum Flameblade and it gains +1 to all stats.

Both our tanks survive in this round.

Round 2


Poison take effect. All monsters take 2 damage except for Forgotten One.

Pelacor Arbalest, Venari Crystalsmith, Venator Kinjo and Djinn Apprentice died due to poison.

Shield Bearer and Lone Boatman were killed by Grum Flameblade with one strike. Grum gains +2 to all stats.


Round 3

Tenyii Striker died due to Poison

It's the Final Round. Grum Flameblade knocks out the Air Elemental and we are victorious!


In this battle , I realized that when Grum Flameblade gains +2 or +3 in all stats his gonna be unstoppable.

Alright, that's all for today's blog. Thank you for reading. Have a great day ahead! God bless us all. Keep safe Splinter Fam.

Want to see the amazing battle again? Just click HERE.


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