Antoid Platoon the physical wall


I became a fan of the share your battle weekly challenge as it makes me take a close look at some cards that I wouldn't even consider. I had a pretty under-leveled Antoid card so I decided to buy a few copies to power it up all the way to level 5, hopefully, I will pull enough copies in the future to level it up further. Might come in handy every now and then.

Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 00.45.48.png

Antoid Platoon is quite weak when compared to most of the other tanking options on the fire splinter. Low damage, low speed, low HP, and a little bit of shield make it extremely weak overall. On a positive note, it has two great tanking abilities Shield and Scavenger can be a great advantage under the right circumstances.

It is quite cheap costing only $26 to max out. It becomes considerably better from level 6 on, Scavenger can be a game changer. I find it useful to combo it with fast cards that can knock out enemies quick enough for the Antoid Platoon to start scavaging HP.


Lost Magic - If the enemy is unable to deal magic damage this card becomes an amazing tank because of the shield ability. It will hold the front line for a long time.

Reverse Speed - With a top speed of two, it becomes quite a good card, able to easily dodge high speed physical attacks.

Up Close and Personal - Shield's ability makes it a good frontline, able to sustain the frontline forever as the sneak attackers knock each other out and it keeps on scavaging more HP.

Weak Magic - This makes it a little more resistant to magic attacks but not the best option if you expect the enemy to play a magic attacker.


Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 00.26.25.png

Ruleset: Equal Oportunity & Spreading Fury
Mana Cap: 36
Battle Link

Interesting ruleset! I was anticipating my opponent bringing a ton of melee damage and went with the enchanted defender on the backline and the Antoid Platoon in the front. Well, that backfired. The remaining strategy was to fil the field with high HP damage dealers to go ham when enraged.

Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 01.16.52.png

Round 1 went as well as expected. I was ready to skip but the funny thing about such unique rulesets is that anything can happen so I decided to stick around and see if I can get a lucky sequence.

Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 01.19.46.png

At this point, I realize that I was panicking for nothing. My main damage dealers are still alive and I just have to wait for my Molten Ogre to get enraged and start trampling his entire team. Plus I still have my Serpent to make this sweep even faster.

Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 01.20.34.png

It feels great when you look at the battleground and assume that you will lose for sure only to realize your static is actually better than you thought. Strategizing better for enraged matches is something I have to work on!

Consistently participating in sharing your battle challenges is improving my Splinterlands skills a lot. I didn't even consider that going over the play-by-play could make me realize some of the dumb mistakes I make every now and then that end up costing me easy wins. Getting a better understanding of all the new Chaos legion cards in the game is also a great advantage.

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