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It's finally time to share a battle and talk about one of my favorite chaos legion common cards. Has most CL cards it is selling at a massive discount and I would grab the opportunity to get it to at least level 6 if I were you. Let's take a close look at its stats and abilities to see how powerful the Flying Squid can be.

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Costs: $8.20 to level 6 and $33 to level 10

The Flying Squid is a great common card to have around for those high mana cap matches. It will enable your team to have a second wall after your main tank goes down. It has a decent attack stat, average speed and a lot of Health points, making it viable versus any kind of damage.
Once it hits level 6 it gains the Blind ability which can be a game-changer. In high mana cap matches, your opponent is likely to bring a team of 6 making your blind ability way stronger because of the added probability of at least one of the 6 monsters failing their attacks every now and then. Missing a single blow can be a game-changer, and usually, high-cost cards hit like a truck, making it every miss even more valuable.


Explosive Weaponry and Fog of War - Both rulesets require a tanky monster at the second position to hold the enemy fire. On Explosive weaponry, it will absorb the splash damage and in Fog of war, your front liner will be the main target for the first round so it is always handy to have a second tank to step up once your main one goes down.

Lost Magic and Up Close and Personal - Both rulesets guarantee that the blind ability will be used to its maximum potential since it only affects melee and ranged damage.

Spreading Fury - Every card with high health points tends to do well in this category. The flying squid will do especially well if your opponent makes the common mistake of bringing some splash damage that instantly triggers the fury buff.

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Ruleset: Unprotected and Stampede
Mana Cap: 22
Battle Link

My strategy revolves around holding the front line for as long as possible while my sneak attackers sweep his team from back to front. Unprotected is a great ruleset for such a strategy and an excellent opportunity to use the flying squid to hold the frontline a little longer.

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The first round went quite well, managed to hit all attacks and knock out one of the enemy's damage dealers and slow them down a little more to enhance my chance of hitting them.

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A lucky poison allowed me to take the biggest menage on the battlefield and now it is just a matter of time until I can finally land enough hits to finish him off.

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Yet another win versus a higher-level opponent showing that having a wide range of cards beats brute force leveling. DEC rewards are getting ridiculously low with the price going lower and lower as the airdrop comes closer to the end.

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