Hill Giant - Great value for money

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Let's take a look at the Hill Giant. One of the cheapest Chaos Legion cards, costing only $15,60 to max out. It's not a strong card overall but it can be quite useful under the right ruleset, don't underestimate low-speed cards.

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The Hill Giant has a decent attack, low speed, good HP, and a very useful Stun ability. It might not seem like a good card at first glance but it can absolutely dominate when used in low mana cap matches under the right rulesets. Definitely a good card to have around since it is so cheap to level up.


Heavy Hitters - This ruleset is always a good fit for every monster with the stun ability. If you land your stun all your other cards will deal double the damage to the stunned target.

Reverse Speed - It has a very low-speed stat so it will be one of the first ones to strike in this ruleset, while still being very likely to dodge some physical damage coming his way. On top of that, it can stun the opponent's tank before it strikes.

Spreading Fury - High HP monsters thrive in such a ruleset. Since it also has a low-speed stat it is likely that the Hill Giant will be enraged when his turn comes up, upgrading both his attack and speed to 3.

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Ruleset: Fog of war, Lost Legendaries
Mana Cap: 29
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Playing fog of war With Darya is an absolute delight! I decided to go with the earth splinter because of the Screeching Vulture and the new Venary Scout both with the opportunity ability. When playing fog of war very few people prepare their battlefield to be able to handle 3 enemies with opportunity, they mainly focus on bringing a strong tank and some healing.
I brought the Hill Giant to hold the frontline followed by two additional tanky cards to ensure my opportunity cards could finish the job peacefully in the backline.

Round 1

The Hill giant tanked three attacks and he's ready to take another one for the team. My damage dealer managed to knock out one of the enemies but unfortunately failed one of the attacks that would take the shield off the Creeping Ooze.

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Round 2

Hill Giant did his job and it can now peacefully rest while the rest of the team keeps on battling to avenge his death. This time the enemy failed an attack on my basilisk and my opportunistic strategy is paying off. The Ooze is down and the enemy's biggest threat is shieldless and ready to go down.

Screenshot 2022-07-21 at 14.55.42.png

Round 3

Managed to hit every strike and now it is just a matter of time until I get my win. The Venari Crystalsmith will go down next round and afterwards my team will knock out the Xenith Monk, followed by a long string of attacks to take down the last standing enemy, the gelatinous cube.

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My Basilisk stunned the cube twice so the battle ended a little quicker than anticipated. DEC rewards are still very low and will probably remain that way until we eventually switch to SPS battle rewards. I'm very excited to see the switch happening as I want to accumulate a ton of SPS so that I can buy a ton of rift watchers packs once they become available!

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