How to use the Supply Runner effectively

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Splinterlands share your battle card for this week is the Supply Runner. One of the worst cards in the game in my opinion but I will participate either way and try to come up with the best strategies to use him on the battlefield.

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Mana Cost: 6
Abilities: Swiftness (LVL 5), Strengthen (LVL 10)

Average speed/health but the damage is low for a card that costs 6 mana. The Swiftness ability isn't one of my favorites, it can allow your team an extra attack because of the speed buff or an unexpected miss but that relies on luck over strategy. Neutral cards tend to be a little weaker than the rest due to the flexibility they offer but even within the Neutral splinter, there are better cards like Mantoid.

Best Rulesets

Close Range - If it can attack from the front position it becomes way more useful since it could be a good second place pick to tank the remaining damage after your tank goes down. While granting the entire team a speed for a couple of rounds.

Spreading Fury is a tricky ruleset to play. My best strategy is to focus fire as much as possible. Either go full sneak/snipe or try to blast them from front to back.
Using the Supply runner could be a good strategy if you plan to focus fire on the front line since it doesn't have a targeting ability.

Unprotected is the fastest pace ruleset. With no shield, you wanna ensure you can outspeed your opponents and knock them out before they can strike. Swiftness is one of the best abilities to use for this ruleset, on top of that it has a decent amount of health to tank some blows.

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Ruleset: Close Range, Melee Mayhem
Mana Cap: 26
Battle Link

My strategy relied on speed and storming the frontline while my Serpentine Spy sweeps the lower health damage dealers. I have my Supply runner way under level, but I decided to take him either way since this was a Close Range battle.

First-round went exactly as planned, Serpentine knocked out his undead priest his frontline got poisoned and he missed all attacks. Most of his team has a speed stat of 1 after the debuffs.

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Most damage dealers are down, now it is time to knock out that annoying healing tank standing between me and victory. One full blast plus the poison damage was enough and the rest of his team will quickly fall.

Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 18.39.42.png

It took 3 more rounds but I eventually took care of them all, without losing a single team member. Winning versus a level 8 summoner with no casualties feels especially good!

I can't understand who would have a maxed-out summoner but still use level 3 cards but I'm grateful for my 8 free DEC.

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