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Portal Spinner is one of the new cards I use the least. Having a card that chooses a random target doesn't allow you to strategize as well since you can possibly know how useful or useful each attack will be. I'm currently playing in Diamond I, relying on luck doesn't yield the best results. Either way, I bought some copies to combine my total spinner all the way to level 5.

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The Portal Spinner has a good attack stat, low speed, some shield to potentially tank some sniper hits, and a pretty good health stat. Although the stats are quite ok, the abilities are not... Scattershot makes you rely on luck and snare doesn't add a lot to the utility of this card.


Reverse Speed - Having such a low speed for the first 5 levels can be useful in this ruleset. While still relying on luck you are a lot more likely to hit an important target on reverse speed.

Weak Magic - It guarantees that its high shield will be useful during the battle instead of just having some magic damage knocking it out with two blasts. Especially if combined with the Target Practice ruleset.

Earthquake - Portal Spinner can hold 3 rounds of earthquake damage, possibly 4 depending on the summoner used. You would have to get lucky with your shots but snaring flying enemies during an earthquake ruleset can completely switch the outcome of the match. Especially if scattershot snares a couple of different enemies.

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Ruleset: Spreading Fury, Earthquake
Mana Cap: 20
Battle Link

Today I bring you one of my luckiest battles ever! My strategy was to bet mostly on bringing a couple of flying cards along with the Portal Spiner and Silvershield archers hoping they could speed up the earthquake effects on nonflying enemies. Well, my strategy ended up working very well because my opponent only brought one flying card.

Round 1

This was where my luck began! The enemy missed all his attacks allowing me to take out his herbalist for free with the earthquake after the round was over.

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Round 2

Well, the luck continued as I was able to let his armorsmith live with only HP so the earthquake will once again work in my favor and my scattershot hit his air elemental. While I only lost my tank...

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Round 3

It was my turn to miss all of my attacks, at this point I thought the game was lost... My only chance was to have my Portal Spinner hit his PeaceBringer and I was running low on luck.

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Round 4

Portal Spinner is officially the MVP lading all the crucial shots on the right targets! At the beginning of the next round, the earthquake will knock out the remaining damage dealers leaving my Harpy free to finish the job!

Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 12.38.40.png

What an insane battle! It was the perfect opportunity to show how good the Portal Spinner can be if you get lucky with it. My opponent's cards were way better than mine but that wasn't enough to beat my luck and decent strategy.
I might buy some copies of the Portal Spinner to honor his contribution in this epic battle, having the snare ability could be helpful in a game like this one if my opponent went for flying cards.

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