First Time - Share Your Battle Challenge - LOW mana cap

I hope these images work and everything, this is my first time participating in the share your battle challenge so bear with me!

It was a very low mana cap match at just 12 mana. I tend to despise low mana matches because I usually get paired against an Albric Stormbringer team which can be very frustrating with low mana!

This time I was pretty sure the opponent wouldn't use a magic team though, based on their previous teams.


Thankfully that was correct! They used melee teams on all the previous battles I could see, so I went with an Earth team using Mylor Crowling to counter their melee strategy.


It worked out great!


Here is the link to this battle:

Thanks for reading! It's very encouraging having this supportive community as a beginner! Please let me know if I did this wrong at all! :)


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