Stocking up on Lava

Hello everyone. I have found the rewards are getting better the last few days.
I received some lava cards in my daily quest rewards.
(I also used a daily quest potion for the extra loot chests)

The lava launcher is over looked sometimes I think.
I have been successful in battle using Lava launcher in the last or second last position.

It is very cheap right now on the market. Unlike other cards it only takes 20 cards for a level 4.
At level 4 it also has a stun effect.
It is worth taking the time to check the lore of player cards.

Usually very strong and more expensive cards take less combined cards to level up.
This is the technique I have used for leveling up many of my cards.

(shopping the market instead of always buying packs. I do both)

Some of the big players flood the market with cards.
Now is the time to take advantage with the market being down.

Opening packs is fun I agree. You might get lucky and get a gold foil or legendary.

lava launcher.JPG

After some time in battle, you start to see the cards that stand out.
Just by having one or two special cards could allow you to level up.

The rewards are much better. I have a long ways to go to Diamond league.
I hear it is rather brutal there and many players rather stay in the Gold league. 😀

Nobody likes getting demolished all the time including me!

Today's reward. Yesterday I received a pack also with the loot chests. That was cool. 👍

Daily rewards.JPG

May the "Spells" be with you!


Lava Launcher is a good card to use if you are not battling cards with Magic attack.