Turning frustration into rewards.

Hello everyone. Like most people I have my good and bad days in battle.
Having a big losing streak can be demoralizing. 😀

For new players that are wondering why your nice gold cards are being beat, you need to check the level of your opponet"s cards. Simply mousing over your opponet cards will reveal the card level.

If you show up with a level 1 summoner and your opponet is much higher, then you are going to need really good cards not to fall quickly in battle.

Finding cards that work well with each other takes some time. I still learn every day better lineups in battle.

Knowing the cards abilities is really crucial in rule set matches. I find having a large inventory makes it easier.

My rewards today. Gold level 2. A lot better than a few 3 cent cards,

Thank you Splinterlands.

Cheers and may the "Spells" be with you!