A 99 Mana Cap Battle in Splinterlands.

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When doing battles in splinterlands, most of the time we get lower mana cap battle or the battle just don't offer enough mana where we can choose all the goodies from our collection. But sometimes (which is rare) we get battles with 99 mana cap and that's not hard but I think still impossible to make a lineup with 99 mana cap.

I even investigated on it. The lineup with the most mana can come from dragon element and it still can't fill the 99 cap, it can fill 81 only.

Among the crowd, I also try to fill the 99 mana cap battle with the best cards I can get that cost big mana and has great potential. And today, I'm going to talk about a 99 mana cap battle where I could hardly fill 68 mana with six monsters and one summoner.

I tried earth element on the battlefield with six earth monsters who did great getting support from Scarred Llama Mage.

Let's get to the battle.

Here's the battle link if you wish to check.


Choosing Monsters

My TeamOpponent's Team
Nectar QueenUnicorn Mustang
Oaken BehemothMycelic Infantry
Mycelic SlipspawnGoblin Tower
Spirit of the ForestRegal Peryton
Runemancer FlorreGoblin Psychic
Ancient RedwoodMycelic Slipspawn

I created my team selecting six monsters and my opponent also created their team selecting six monsters where both of us used earth element.

Choosing Scarred Llama Mage as the summoner, I chose two melee monsters where one of them had extra magic attack as well, one magic monster and three ranged monsters where on of them had magic attack as well. All of them has some special abilities (except Runemancer Florre) like Nectar Queen has flying, Oaken Behemoth has Flying and Void Armor, Mycelic Slipspawn has Taunt, Spirit of the Forest has flying and snipe, Ancient Redwood has true strike.

The Battle

All my monsters were blessed with two extra health and the last stand ability, thanks to my summoner. My summoner also promised to cleanse all debuffs from my monster in the first position but there were no debuffs so my monsters didn't need that. And for my opponent's summoners buff, all opponent magic monsters (there were three) were blessed with one extra magic attack and that's all.


From what I understand, the opponent team did huge mistake choosing a melee attacker at the second position with any special ability that allows it to attack from that position and they did another mistake by choosing the Goblin Tower for the third position as that's a ranged attacker, the magic monsters could be chosen for close positions first as there were magic monsters. Maybe the opponent team was just thinking about using monsters with big mana cost no matter what happens in the battle.


Both team had Mycelic Slipspawn but with different stats like I had my one in level 2 that had increased stat and the opponent team had it in level 1. All four opponent monsters targeted my Mycelic Slipspawn with total seven damage and five monsters from my team targeted the other Mycelic Slipspawn with total fifteen damage where a big five damage hasn't been even used to kill this monster as after damages from other monsters, my Mycelic Slipspawn itself killed its carbon copy and got me the first kill in the very first round.

Even my Oaken Behemoth damaged two health of that opponent monster using its magic attack and then used its other melee attack on the first opponent monster.

There was a healer in the opponent team who healed some health of the first opponent monster otherwise it'd also die next with the remaining five damage of my team but it lived to see some more damages. When that first opponent monster reduced the magic damage of my Runemancer Florre, then that monster of my team used its second damage (ranged damage) and killed the opponent monster.


Now the opponent's Mycelic Infantry reached the first position and even given a single chance to do a damage but it missed its only damage on my Nectar Queen as my nectar had 25% bonus chance of evading that attack for its flying ability.

All the opponent monsters except the first one was targeting my Mycelic Slipspawn for its taunt ability and finally killed it and my Runemancer Florre gave me another kill and this time the opponent team lost Mycelic Slipspawn. Then my Oaken Behemoth killed the opponent's Goblin Tower who's been doing extra damages using its blast ability.

And the battle came to a position when the opponent had only two monsters alive and both of them was holding one health for each and my Runemancer Florre got the last turn(s) then she killed Regal Peryton with her magic damage and then killed Goblin Psychic with her ranged damage.

I see Runemancer Florre did great on the battle using its double attacks. I'd highlighting Runemancer Florre in this post if I hasn't highlighted her not long back. So, what do you think of a 99 mana cap battle and about my play?

How do you like me explaining what I'm experiencing?
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