The Sneaky Coral Wraith.

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I tried the Sneaky Coral Wraith on the battlefield in level 2 that offers a special ability and its a good support in magic team.

Sneak: Targets the last monster on the enemy team instead of the first monster.

This is a magic attack monster which may attack from any position and probably in any ruleset. It has good health portions, two magic attacks and it gets greater with additional support and I'll show that in this battle.

Let's get to the battle.

Here's the battle link if you wish to check.


Choosing Monsters

My TeamOpponent's Team
Dwarven WizardMycelic Morphoid
Spirit HoarderHill Giant
Coral WraithGoblin Psychic
Ice PixieKhmer Princess
Doctor BlightRegal Peryton

Both I and my opponent created teams selecting five monsters each where I used water element and the opponent used earth element.

Choosing Valnamor as the summoner, I used five magic attack monsters and all of them has some special abilities that allows them to do something special like Dwarven Wizard targets enemy monsters with ranged, magic, or no attack that are not in the first position using snipe ability, Spirit Hoarder heals the friendly back-line monster that has taken the most damage using triage ability, Coral Wraith targets the last monster on the enemy team instead of the first monster using sneak ability.

Ice Pixie has an increased chance of evading melee or ranged attacks from monsters who do not have the flying ability using flying ability then Doctor Blight gets a chance of applying affliction on the target causing it to be unable to be healed using affliction ability and this Monster cannot be directly targeted for attacks unless it's in the first position for having camouflage ability.

The Battle

All my magic attackers were blessed with one extra magic attack each from my summoners buff and all of them got one speed and one health portion each as well. And for my opponent's summoners buff, the opponent's magic attacker was blessed with one extra magic attack.


My team got the first kill and that's in the first round after Ice Pixie did its first damage. The opponent's Regal Peryton had the most speed among all monsters in both team and it attacked first and killed two health portion of my Dwarven Wizard. Then my Coral Wraith took its turn and attacked the last monster of the opponent team instead of the first monster and killed three health portions. And then my Ice Pixie attacked the front opponent monster and the opponent monster died losing its two health portions.

My opponent's Hill Giant came to the first place with a melee attack and good health portions and became the next target of my monsters. First my Dwarven Wizard then Spirit Hoarder and then Doctor Blight one after another attacked and kept damaging two health portions of the opponent monster with each attack until the opponent monster lost all health and died. Then the opponent's Goblin Psychic came to the first place to become the next target of my monsters. So yeah, I got two kills in the very first round which was really good.


My opponent's Ice Pixie then attacked my Dwarven Wizard and killed remaining two health portions and then my wizard died. My opponent's Goblin Psychic then almost broke my Spirit Hoarder who just came to the first place by damaging three health portions out of four. Then the second round started where the opponent's Regal Peryton attacked and killed the last health portion of my Spirit Hoarder using three magic attacks.

Now that my Coral Wraith had to take the first place, it can't use the sneak ability and attack the last monster of the opponent team instead of the first monster as the tank monster should always hits the tank monster of the opponent team. But arriving in the first place, my Coral Wraith did a great thing by killing all health portions of the opponent's Goblin Psychic. Then my Ice Pixie attacked and killed the opponent's Khmer Princess as soon as the opponent monster came to the first place.

And then my Doctor Blight took last turn in the current round and killed two health portions of the opponent's last monster leaving it with a single health portion. The third and last round started where the opponent's Regal Peryton got a last chance to attack but couldn't kill anyone. It just attacked and killed two health portions of my Coral Wraith out of for and it looked like my Coral Wraith avenged this damage and attacked the opponent monster where the opponent monster had to die.

I see Coral Wraith did nice on the battle using the sneak ability and its magic attacks. So, what do you think of Coral Wraith and about my play?

How do you like me explaining what I'm experiencing?
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Thanks for reading me, goodbye.


Totally agree with your post bro coral i awesome, I bought this card months ago for $4 and it was the best investment I ever made! This card has given me many victories. I would like to take it to level 4 but that would imply a significant investment to put it in a single card. Greetings.


Yes Coral is so helpful with its sneak ability. I don't buy it yet, I used it after I rented it. If I buy it then I may stick to the bronze stats for the time being as I can't invest a lot on the cards already.
Thanks for your comment and greetings.