Splinterjourney: 5 Year milestone achieved, Upcoming Anniversary Event

Splinterlands have definitely came a long way. It still seemed that I started Splinterlands not long ago but I just realised that I have been playing for 2 years already.

Working hard on my Splinterlands Collection

To be honest, it has been one of the top crypto projects that I believed in so i have been putting in a lot of effort to keep myself relevant all these while.

  1. Chao Legion Core set: Completed all of them at Max Lv
  2. Chao Legion Promo: Almost complete, only missing Waka, Goblin at lv9 and now Zyriel bcx 1 only.
  3. Chao Legions Reward card: Max all of them, with all the common, rare and epic rewards at gold foil max lvl. For those soul bound, still continuing to collect them diligently
  4. Chao Legions Riftwatcher: Max all of them except Ancient Redwood which is at 7bcx currently.

Splinterlands Year 5 Teaser

Anyway, just a few days ago, during the SL townhall, they drop a nice teaser to remind us that splinterlands is reaching 5 years ago!!


This has definitely create quite some hype for the community. Whether you participate or not, it will benefit everyone as the more burning happens, you will enjoy a deflationary assets.

Splinterlands 5 Year Anniversary Event

So what is the event going to be about??
You can burn DEC or DEC-B to participate in the events.

Attractive Prizes

For those NOT aiming for the top 10, here the prizes up for grab!!!

  1. 200 Land Plots
  2. 100 Alpha Packs
  3. 250 Beta Packs
  4. 500 Untamed Packs
  5. 1000 Nightmare Packs
  6. 1000 Riftwatchers Packs
  7. 25 Runi

Given that cheap price for each of the following

  1. Plot at $45
  2. Alpha at $109
  3. Beta at $31
  4. Untamed at $20
  5. Nightmare at $2
  6. Riftwatchers at $4.20
  7. Runi at 0.4eth which is about $700

Total Prizes = $45 x 200 + $100 x 100 + $30 x 250 + $20 x 500 + $2 x 1000 + $4 x 1000 + $700 x 25 = $9k + $10k + $7.5k + $10k + $2k + $8k + $17.5k = $64k!!!

How to participate??

You just need to burn 10k DEC or DEC-B to get a chance of lottery for the prizes. You can get multiple entries/chances by burning more DEC or DEC-B.

Burning Leaderboard

If you are in the top 200 with the most points for burning, you can even get a title and maybe even more plots for being in the top 10!

What i really love about is the anti-snipe system. As the event last for a whole month, they dont want people to wait until the last minute to burn. So if you burning right at the start, instead of earning 1000 points for burning 1000 DEC or DEC-B, you can gain additional 200% extra points! So 1000 DEC or DEC-B can actually get you 3000 points instead!! This is definitely a huge factors for those fighting for the top 200 ranking.

The 1st place can even get a tract which is 100 plots!!! It is worth at least $4500!

Additional Benefit

In addition, even if you are not lucky to get any rewards, you can also get Guild Power at the ratio of 1:1. You can see this Guild Power as a replacement for DEC to upgrade a guild buildings. One important things to take note is that Guild Power stayed with you!!! So even if you change to another guild, your Guild Power will mainly stay with you and you can apply it to the new guild. I heard there are some penality tho, this is prevent people from abusing the system.

Hype for the event

I am very happy that the burning include DEC-B. I do have some spare DEC-B after using majority to survey the plots. This can be a great event to spare the remaining spare DEC-B. However, I am also wary that I may eventually need more DEC or DEC-B in the future for land usage or other aspect, but I dont know how long i need to hold till then. Why not use it now and hopefully able to get some benefits?


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