Splinterjourney: June Reviews and progress


Here is the start of the month of July and it is time for me to track my progress in Splinterlands and how much have I done in June. I am in fact looking forward to see my June progress and that is why I am pushing myself for this blog so I can have a sense of my hard work.

SPS Staking

At the end of June 2023, I manage to achieve my staking SPS to 281,836. At the current SPS value, it is worth about 4642USD. Let's see what is my progress.


Month of 2023SPS StakedRemark
2023 May264,789I have use the bonus SPS from staking to put into pool, instead of throwing back into staking
2023 Jun281,836Half way of the year 2023, 6 more months left to end the year 2023
2023 Jul-Note: Possible introduction of new edition or mini edition
2023 Aug--
2023 Sep-Note: End of Q3, progress for a Quarter
2023 Oct--
2023 Nov--
2023 Dec-Note: Target goal of 300k SPS staked

So in the month of June, surprisingly I manage to accumulate 17,000 SPS just within a month!! Woa, that is more than what I expected. So to reach my goal of 300k SPS, does that means I can reach it within another 2 month time? I hope that can be true.

Soulbound Reward Cards

It is actually one of the toughest to accumulate. I felt the drop rate has been reduced so it is now harder to get legendary, needless to say even more hard to get gfl.

So for my June progress:


Within 2 seasons, I able to accumulate about 196 diamond chests and 179 championship chests.

The sad thing is that i only able to get 2 legendary cards but the lucky thing is that I have multiple copies of it from the chest, so I have 3 Drybone Raider and 3 Berix Snakeye. One interesting fact that i realise is that the variance can be huge so for example for rare non summoner reward cards, i can get like 20-30 bcx for quite a good amount of them, yet for madcap magus and venari marksrat these 2 rare non summoner reward cards I only get 2 bcx only. The difference can be quite huge. On the contrary, if you notice from the previous blog, my rare venari marksrat used to have an expectational high drop rate and yet this month things turned around.

Not much changes to the Legendary Card progress since I only got a total of only 6 bcx legendary cards for the whole month. Some more Berix Snakeye is one I happen to already max for GFL.
Max Lv 4 Legendary = 1
Almost Max Lv 3 Legendary = 3
Lv2 Legendary = 3
Lv1 Legendary = 4
Lv 0 Legendary = 1(Aves Sturgis)
I still dont have a single Aves Sturgis at this point of time. And there is zero upgrading of legendary except Regular foil Berix Snakeye

As for the epic card, there is also no change at all. It has been a disappointing month of June especially for epic. Everytime when i open an epic chest, it will always be just 1 regular foil bcx. So because of that, I hardly have any good amount of epic cards in this month.
Lv 2 Epic = 1
Lv 3 Epic = 5
Lv 4 Epic = 1
However, one good new is that 4 out of 5 level 3 epic cards are close to upgrading to the next level. Iidri Fyre just need another 2 bcx, Noa the just need 1 more, Thane Newsong need another 1 and Will-O-Wisp need 1 more too. So I hope more epic reward soulbound card can join the lv4 in the next month.

I think the one that progress the fastest can be the rare reward part.
Lv 4 Rare = 1(previously 2)
Lv 5 Rare = 5(previously 7)
Lv 6 Rare = 5(previously 2)
Lv 7 Rare = 1
Now I only left with 1 lv 4 rare which is riverboat captain which seem to still lack of 7 bcx more to level up which can be quite difficult to get within a month. Really need luck on this kind of things. 1 level 4 card manage to level up to 5 with by right bump the number of lv 5 rare card from 7 to 8. But also because 3 lv 5 cards manage to upgrade too, 8 drop to 5 while the lv 6 rare cards increased from 2 to 5. Upgrading from lv 6 to lv 7 is the real challenge because you will now need additional 25 bcx which itself can be a lv 4 rare cards. I can only foresee only 1 lv 6 rare can upgrade to lv 7 in june if luck is on my side.

The common reward part is also progress quite fast. I do have quite a number of upgrades in the common card portion.
Lv 5 Common = 0 (previously 1)
Lv 6 Common = 1(previously 3)
Lv 7 Common = 6(previously 7)
Lv 8 Common = 5 (previously 1)
With the only lv 5 common card able to upgrade to lv 6, now my minimum common card is lv 6. Interestingly, all my 3 lv 6 common card also able to upgrade to lv 7. So in the end, despite fighting so hard to upgrade to lv6, this common card still end up being the solo lowest level 6 common card. With the 3 lv 6 upgrade to lv 7, the original 7 lv 7 cards by right will grow to 10 but 4 of them manage to also upgrade to lv 8 as well. So now i have only 6 lv 7 common cards while my lv 8 common cards grew from 1 to 5. However, i foresee that the grow of the common card will significantly drop as well as in order to upgrade from lv8 to lv9 need 81 bcx which is way harder as compare to upgrading to lv 6 or 7.


I am really hoping that there can be some super luckily chest opening for me, like getting 4-5 gold foil epic or 3 gold foil legendary which can suddenly bump up the slow speed of collecting these reward cards. Despite the difficulties in getting legendary cards, yet interesting if you have luck on your side, gfl is actually my 1st soulbound reward cards to be max!!!
I am really looking forward to another month to come and see my progress.

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