Splinterjourney: Live Guild Power and End of Season

One of the key reason why I believe in Splinterlands is its active updates on the gaming ecosystem. And recently, within this week, Splinterlands has some updates on its guild power. Now upgrading guild building will need guild power instead of DEC. Let's have a look.

Guild Power

In the brawl page, when you click on the buildings and in this case, we chose the arena building. You can see that the page now show your individual guild power on the top left corner. And you can see on the right side now that the building will require G. POWER which is referring to guild power.

The amazing thing about guild power instead of dec is that guild power can be tied to an individual instead of guild. Previously, guild member can contribute dec to the guild so the guild can use the dec to upgrade the level of the buildings. But when a member left or kicked out of the guild, he would be left with nothing and may need to recontribute in the new guild. Now you can have your own individual power, so when you can freely help to use your guild power to upgrade the guild buildings. The big difference is that when you got kicked out or left the guild, you can claim back 90% of the guild power that you have given to the guild. So in a way, this incentivized guild members who had contribute actively to the guild and made the guild appreciate more of such members and keeping them in the guild for the long run. Otherwise, if such heavy contributor left the guild, it is very painful to see plenty of building dropping in multiple levels.


If you look at the requirements to upgrade a building, arena in this case, you can also see that the requirement is changed to guild power.

Burning Event Updates


One super exciting ongoing event is the Year 5 burning events. So far, I am very proud to say that more than 500 million DEC/DEC-B had been burned!!!!

It is really insane to see how many DEC/DEC-B are being burned especially by the top few spots on the leaderboard. I believe some of them are actually due to pooling effort where the inner communities pool together all the DEC into 1 account. It makes a lot of sense as having separate burning or pool burning will have the same total number of chances to receive prizes. However, if your pool sizes are significant, your pool as even win insane prizes like tracts, plots or runis. However, the key issue is that you wont have any individual guild power whereas the person that collects and in charge of the pool will get ton of guild powers. So i wont be surprised if Guild Leader is doing the pooling since they need the guild power and all these guild power is tied to the guild account or owner.

End of Season!!

As always, end of season is something one is looking forward too. As you have constantly spend almost every day to grind of daily focus chests, you also have been non stop accumulating season chests and they are tend to have higher grade than your daily focus chests. So having to open like 50-70 highest possible grade chests within your reach, you can see people actively celebrating their luck in the maverick channel after the end of an season.

As for this time, I dont really have any jaw dropping card luck. In fact, I dont even have a single legendary reward card in the 65 championship chests.

My EOS chests


Actually, as long as I see double digit quantity drop, I am very happy already. So you can see me how happy to receive 3 chests rewarding me with 10 or more bcx. Some more 2 of them are even rare cards which make the deal even more delicious, especially getting 10 or more bcx rare summoners. This also usually means that you are taking a huge step forward in leveling your reward summoners.


Despite hoping to get legendary rewarde cards and not even get 1 out of the 65 chests, it came as a nice surprised to get a gold foil epic reward card.

What is really jaw dropping is that I manage to get a single chest that gave me 423 SPS.


And because of that, I almost able to get close to 600 SPS just from the end of season chests. Very delicious SPS payout. I also manage to get a daily focus chest to drop a delicious amount of SPS rewards on 1 of the day in the season so my focus chests payout is also quite impressive.


Overall, I am not really making much progress in my reward cards especially epic and legendary cards. Even with the season chests dropping multiple copies of common and rare cards, I also realised that there isnt much monsters available for upgrade as the requirement of bcx is much higher than previously. I really hope i can build a max reward collection.
As for SPS, thanks to 2 great chests giving extreme generous payout, I think we are progressing much faster to achieve my SPS milestone.


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