Splinterlands: Oshannus most valuable for its price tag

Currently at this point of writing, currently Oshannus is trading at less than $3. It is the 3rd cheapest legendary that is available right now. You can even get a max lv Oshannus for a price that is just a bit more than a single bcx Chao Legion summoner Quix which is now selling at $28+!!


Let's look at the stat of Oshannus.
What i love about Oshannus so much is that its flexibility that so far none of the other can duplicate. At lv3, it has void + phrase + forcefield. Because of the forcefield, it can be placed in the 1st or last position where it will face heavy damage attacks and make all these damage to only 1. Void already makes it anti-magic and yet it has phrase. Phrase need to go well with high speed and oshannus has a super impressive speed of 5 even at lv1. With the chao legion Keyla, its speed can go quite insane, making even magic attack also missing it. It can be place as 2nd position as an 2nd tank, defence against snipe and itself with 3 magic damage is decent to be place any other places too.

Battle Url: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sm_TZMyWhJaDwMz5EvboGlV&ref=namelessnameless

Enrage matches works very well with high speed cause it is just going to boost the speed to an even more insane level. And Oshannus is a very good choice in this match.

Note: I have rented out most of my cards to generate passive DEC. However, I love playing Splinterlands so much that I bought thousand of Chao Legion Packs to get back in the game. As a result, most of the playable cards that I can use now is either Chao Legion splinters/summoners or those that I bought after the release of chao legion.


1stOhsannusAnti-magic tank with high speed
2ndCarnage TitanDouble strike with 4 melee damage and a shield skill, one of the best for 2nd tank with reach skill
3rdChao DragonsScatter+4magic+blast is insane, yet it still have decent shield and high hp!
4thAngelic MandarinSilence: Anti magic, triage works very well with high hp equaliser
5thSupply RunnerOne of my most used favourite, cause it has haste and its strengthen gives quite a good boost to the team
6thDr BlightOne of the scariest monster around, affliction to stop heal, poison for damage to passby a lot of restriction, scavenger to make it super tanky, and weaken to reduce enemy hp, no wonder it is one of the highest win rate for high level matches

As you can see, Oshannus is one of the first to attack. Even though, it is facing against super anti-magic Mustang, the reflection from Mustang is not a threat to Oshannus cause it deal a 0 damage.

After taking a damage from supply runner, mustang was enrage and its speed increase to 5 and melee attack increase to a scary 8 attack. Yet when it attacks Oshannus, he only received 1 attack due to forcefield!

Despite taking a heavy damage of 4 from headhunter, you can see that most magic attack hardly deal any damage to him. It wont be surprised that he can even dodge most of the magic attack cause of the extremely huge difference in speed. And what is the most important is that it can dodge dr blight magic attack which comes with poison!!!

Despite mustang having the void, by right it can survive round 1 with 2 hp, dr blight can only deal 0 damage to him but the poison attached to him killed him. That is how scary dr blight can be, even with void or reflect or silence, dr blight still can perform quite well.

At round 2, headhunter once again able to deal another 4 damage to Oshannus due to its quite high speed of 6. This put Oshannus at a dying edge of only 1 hp left while the other opponent monster are waiting impatiently trying to kill this irritating tanker off!

Yet at the start of round 3, you can see that Oshannus manage to survive the 3 magic damage from mushroom seer, 3 magic attack from Kron and evade the poison from Dr Blight.

This is the start of round 4. That means this time round, Oshannus manage to avoid headhunter 4 range attack even though it has a speed of 6. Similarly, it also avoid the Kron magic attack and Dr Blight poison!

At the start of round 5, you can see that Oshannus is still SURVIVING! Damn this Oshannus is really hard to kill despite all the team members are directly their attack on him. After killing Dr blight, Oshannus is able to get back 1 more hp due to the removal of weaken, so now it stand at 2hp. It actually didnt make much difference as Kron is still able to deal 2 damage to him after bypass the void skill.

At the start of round 5, Oshannus IS STILL THERE!!!! I guess this must have super pissed off Kron as he is one of the most insane monster and yet he cant even touch Oshannus for the past $#^*%($ rounds. Well, $1100 vs $30, which Kron would not be made at the cheapo. With dual last stand, Kron now stand at 21 hp, 5 magic attack and 2 speed, 3 speed when enrage.

At round 6, I think the Kron is already crying. With even its double Bankai, its still cant touch our dear Oshannus. Sometime reality is just so difference from anime/manga, Kron just have to admit that in this case, there is no way he can overturn the table.

I am actually very happy with lineup. I seldom put Oshannus in front but this time I did. In the tournament setting and with such high mana matches, you just have to prepare that the opponent will likely use legendary summoners. As that means you may be facing against fire Yodin, which high speed Oshannus can hopefully avoid all the high speed range attack while Titan can have some tanking of the blast. Opponent also can choose valnamor or lir, Oshannus once again is extremely good against valnamor and the angelic mandarin further weaken valnamor. I only put 2 range in cause lir is being used. If the opponent use prince Rennyn, Ohsannus can be quite a safe bet due to forcefield where the heavy range damager most likely is 5 and above. Actually I did not expect him to choose Llama, which I think is quite weak for this match. What I am really scare about is that he use Kitty which means my Oshannus wont even be able to avoid anything, making his phrase useless and with no + damage, the forcefield will not be activated too often also.

I hope you all love this match as much as I do. I will be buying Oshannus from time to time. I have huge belief in Splinterlands for long term and definitely Oshannus too!


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I lost battle yesterday due to opponent Djinn at first position suddenly become untouchable . My Ruler of Seas missed three time in a row. What a contrast, battle that I am dominating till 3 rounds is lost afterwards.

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Usually magic is preferred for its sure hit rate, so even at a discount of hp and some speed, people still like to use magic, yet Oshannus can screw everything up, making the advantage of magic to be disadvantage.


Hehe that's why Oshannus is my favourite card, even at Level 1!