Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge - Scavo Firebolt

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Hello everyone, I haven't posted any battles for a while so when I saw it was a card that I hadn't used before I decided to join the challenge. The theme this week is Scavo Firebolt and even though Fire is my favourite splinter, I hadn’t used this card before this challenge. My go to deck for Fire is mostly Sneak and Opportunity cards. To use this card I changed my strategy and tested a few combos using cards that focus on atacking the tank. It was a really good change of pace and I was surprised with the results of some of the battles.


The battle I'm sharing here was a standard Bronze battle with no rulesets. When I looked at the history of battles of my opponent I saw that Death was the most used splinter and I thought that they would come with the Dragon + Death combination for this battle. With that in mind I added some fast monsters to try to get a bit of an advantage and hopefully attack first. The problem is, most of the fast ones have low health, and that is where Scavo could be helpful, as a line of defence for the fast monsters.

battle scavo.png


The Summoner chosen for this battle was Tarsa that I have on Level 2.

The tank

Living Lava_lv1.png
The card chosen for the first position was Living Lava for its Shield ability that would come really handy when facing Cursed Windeku.It's also a very good attacker with 3 of melee that Tarsa would increase to 4.

Second position

Djinn Apprentice_lv1.png

For the second position I chose Djinn Apprentice for its magic attack. With the thought that the opponent would come with the shield from the Dragon summoner, I wanted to have some magic in there.

Third position

Fire Elemental_lv1.png
The third position was occupied by Fire Elemental. I have this card on level 2, where it gets to 5 of speed. With that and the Blast ability this would be one of my strongest cards in the back line. She just had to survive enough to cause damage.

Fourth position

Spark Pixies_lv1.png
On this position I added another crazy fast monster, the Spark Pixies. Its health is really low, but if I could get it to survive enough for a couple of attacks that would make all the difference.

Last position

Scavo Firebolt_lv1.png
For the back I chose Scavo Firebolt because it has a bit more health and would act as a line of the defence for the fast monsters against the sneak attacks.


The Battle

My strategy for this battle worked quite well. I planned the deck with the Dragon summoner in mind and the opponent ended up choosing the Death one. I believe that made my life a bit easier. Scavo hold really well in the back against the sneak attacks from Silent Sha-Vi. Fire Elemental didn't give Undead Badger any chance to attack, which helped Scavo last longer in the battle. Another thing that I believe was to my advantage was my opponent's choice to not use the snipe card that is very often used in Death combos. That could have changed a bit the progress of this battle.

Link to the battle

I liked trying to find ways to fit Scavo in my battles, it was a great change in my game. Playing in the Bronze league can get quite repetitive using the same combo every time and this gave me a chance to try something new. I will certainly use this card more often now that I found some good combinations for it.


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