Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge - Wood Nymph

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Hello all, this is my first post for the Share your Battle challenge. The theme this week is Wood Nymph. I hadn’t used this card before this challenge so it was interesting to try to fit this card into my usual deck. I was quite surprised with the outcome of this battle when I saw that my opponent chose a Fire team with Sneak and Opportunity cards. I was sure my back line would get crushed, but thanks to the ruleset, Wood Nymph survived enough to finish them.


The Rules of the Battle

The ruleset for this battle was Equalizer with 18 Mana Cap in Bronze II. This ruleset really helped Wood Nymph by buying her enough time to shine and kill 3 of their monsters.

Battle Image.png

The Lineup

The Summoner chosen for this battle was Obsidian so my magic monsters would have +1 magic attack.

The tank

Unicorn Mustang.png
The card chosen for the first position was Unicorn Mustang because it is one of the most powerful cards in the Earth splinter. It has 3 melee, 4 speed and 10 health and the void ability. This is a card that can win a battle by itself.

Second position

wood nymph.png
I put Wood Nymph in the second position as a way to protect her from sneak attacks and it worked well. She was able to use her ability to heal the tank, making him last a bit longer in the battle. And when she was called to the first position she did not disappoint.

Third position

khmer princess.png
The last position on this battle was occupied by Khmer Princess. I had only 2 mana left to choose a card, and since I was using a magic summoner, it would be best to choose a magic card. And with the Equalizer ruleset, she could last for a few rounds in the battle.


The Battle

Link to the battle

My strategy for this battle worked surprisingly well. The Equalizer ruleset gave all the monsters the same health of the highest one, in this case the Unicorn’s. Even though they used Creeping Ooze to slow down my monsters, it wasn’t enough to kill them. The healing from Wood Nymph kept my Unicorn in the game a bit longer, giving it enough time to kill their tank. Because they used a sneak strategy, their attack was split between my monsters, which also helped keep my tank longer in the game. When Unicorn was killed and Wood Nymph stepped up to the tank position, Khmer Princess kept their sneak busy in a divide and conquer strategy well executed. When their last attacker died, it was easy for Wood Nymph to finish Creeping Ooze.


I really enjoyed playing with Wood Nymph and this battle was quite fun to watch. It is great to have another healing card as an option for lower mana battles, since in Bronze that is the majority of the games. I will play more battles with her and maybe try a double healing effect using Wood Nymph together with Goblin Psychic. Hopefully I get a higher mana battle so I can try this strategy.


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