Share your battle challenge - the Diemon Shark!



Greetings to all the members of the Hive Blockchain community, most especially those who enjoy playing Splinterlands. This week's share your battle challenge features the Diemon Shark.

Getting to know you

I have long been waiting long for the weekly challenge to be Diemon Shark as I use it quite a lot. Its pairing with Kelya is superb! It is quite surprising how a Kelya-Diemon Shark combination can defeat a Yodin lineup or a magic lineup.

The Diemon Shark is a rare monster from the Water splinter. As I am usually playing in the Gold league and I have level 6 rare summoners, I get to use a level 6 Diemon Shark. At that level, it has Trample and Enrage. The Trample skill allows the Diemon Shark to hit the next monster whenever it kills an opposing monster. The Enrage skill increases the Diemon Shark's melee attack and speed whenever its health is decreased. When enraged, the Diemon Shark can evade melee and ranged attacks and may easily kill off opposing monsters.


While most players are familiar with how strong a level 6 Diemon Shark is, I would like to focus on how one can maximize its abilities in the Gold league. I highly suggest for players to use a level 5 epic summoner to be able to use a level 7 Diemon Shark so that it can access its ability called Retaliate. With Retaliate, the Diemon Shark can return a melee attack it received. I was very much surprised when an opponent used it against me.

Battle analysis

Let us look at how my opponent used Diemon Shark in this particular battle with these rules:

Lost Magic - Monsters with Magic attack may not be used in battle
Mana cap = 60
Splinters = Water, Earth, Life, Death, or Dragon


My opponent used a level 5 Daria Dragonscale, which enabled him to use a level 7 Diemon Shark with Trample, Enrage, and Retaliate. I thought I would win this fight as I have a solid melee trio in Dragonknight, Carnage Titan, and Deeplurker. It was unfortunate that my opponent's Diemon Shark was able to dodge some of my cards' attack because of Enrage and was able to kill my Deeplurker via Retaliate. At that time, I did not know why it had Retaliate as I thought rare monsters can only be at level 6 in the Gold league. But upon further review, the max level of each league is on summoners, not on monsters. But after knowing that, I thought it was a good idea to capitalize on.


Click here to see the battle!

Quick tips!

Use it when
Magic is not allowed
Stampede - It can continuously trample opposing monsters
Equal Opportunity - It can easily kill off low health monsters

Use it with (in Gold league)
Level 5 epic summoner - a level 7 Diemon Shark has Retaliate -> Solid!
Daria Dragonscale - boosts melee attack
Aquatus - grants Backfire ability, which can be often triggered especially when the Diemon Shark is enraged


10 out of 10

As most players already know, the Diemon Shark is a solid monster. It becomes even more destructive when it is paired with a level 5 epic summoner, granting it with the Retaliate ability. I am sure that it will help you win more battles! If there is anything I can help with understanding how it can be used, just drop a comment!

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Special thanks to @rqr4 for the dividers, and splinterlandswiki for the information on the rule sets.