Share your battle - Djinn Inferni (instead of Djinn Apprentice)



Greetings to all the members of the Hive Blockchain community, most especially those who enjoy playing Splinterlands. This week's Share Your Battle challenge is Djinn Apprentice. Unfortunately, I almost never use it. I bought it initially as I thought the Fire splinter would get a magic summoner, but no. However, there is a similar monster that I use frequently. It is called Djinn Inferni. I wish to share with you one of the many battles with it. I hope you can learn something. I also welcome any comment and suggestion about my game play.

Getting to know you

Lore has it that Djinn Inferni is the eldest of the ancient wardens of fire, spirits of flame that dwell in the deepest rivers of stone. In the game, it is a seven mana monster from the Fire splinter. I like using him as at level 5 (Gold league), as he has 4 magic damage, 4 speed, and the abilities Giant Killer (does double damage against monsters that cost 10 or more mana) and Stun (chance to stun target, which will render it to miss its next turn). I use it during high mana battles, as I expect my opponent to field in Giants (monsters that cost 10 or more mana). Its stun is also useful as it may be the deciding factor of the victory. However, Djinn Inferni is a glass cannon; it has low health. Therefore, be very careful in the positioning. I usually place it somewhere in the middle, away from snipers and sneakers. I sometimes couple it with Tower Griffin to get a shield from its Protect ability.


Battle analysis

I used Djinn Inferni in this particular battle with these rules:

Target Practice - All Ranged and Magic attack Monsters have the Snipe ability.
Equalizer - The initial Health of all Monsters is equal to that of the Monster on either team with the highest base Health.
Mana cap = 38
Splinters = Fire, Water, Life, or Dragon


As aforementioned, Djinn Inferni’s damage output is superb. And because there is a Target Practice and I went with Yodin, I expected my Inferni to do massive damage against the opposing team. But what I think was crucial in this battle was it was able to stun the opponent’s tank, which saved my tank Exploding Rats one turn. Notice also that I put Djinn Inferni in the snipe position. I did not have a choice as my archers would have been sitting ducks once my tank dies. There was an equalizer rule anyway, so maybe it would take a while for my opponent to kill Djinn Inferni. Another thing to notice is Djinn Inferni’s defense. Djinn Inferni’s health was reduced by 2 because of the Magic Reflect. Some mages have void (example: Caladuum), which halves magic attack. It would have been helpful for the longevity of Djinn Inferni to have this skill.


Click here to see the battle!

Quick tips!

Use it when
When available! Just be careful about the positioning
Heavy hitters - Doubles the damage against stunned targets
Equalizer - Equal health for all monsters at the beginning

Use it with
Yodin Zaku - for the splash damage! Better if there is a rule set Target Practice, similar to the above
Delwyn Dragonscale - can buff magic attack
Conqueror Jacek - May randomly kill low health opposing monsters that are being protected by a taunter


10 out of 10

Djinn Inferni might be a glass cannon, but when it is used in the right situation, I am sure that it will help you win more battles! If there is anything I can help with understanding how it can be used, just drop a comment!

Are you ready to test your skills? You are welcome to sign up to @Splinterlands using my referral code.

Special thanks to @rqr4 for the dividers, and splinterlandswiki for the information on the rule sets.


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