Share your battle: Gem Meteor



Greetings to all the members of the Hive Blockchain community, most especially those who enjoy playing Splinterlands. This week's share your battle challenge features the visually-appealing Gem Meteor.

Getting to know you

Gem Meteor is an epic, 5-mana neutral monster. At Level 5, it has 3 ranged attack, 5 speed, and 5 health. On top of these solid stats, Gem Meteor also has two abilities: Scattershot (randomly hit opponents, ignores taunt) and Piercing (the damage goes through the opponent's armor). With the addition of Grandmaster Rathe and a string of Taunt monsters in the Riftwatchers set, I thought the Gem Meteor increased its value. Couple this with Yodin, then you got yourself an unstoppable backliner!


Battle analysis

I almost always use Gem Meteor in my battles. I think I have a high win rate with Gem Meteor because it allows me to melt my opponents away. In this sample battle, I was faced with Kelya. My opponent's Kelya is only Level 4 but I think I would still win this against a Kelya Level 6 because Gem Meteor is so wild!

The rule sets

Super Sneak - All Monsters have the Sneak ability
Healed Out - No type of healing is allowed in battle
Mana cap = 44
Splinters = Fire, Water, Earth or Death


Even with a speed buff and armor, a Kelya lineup will just be melted away by a Yodin+Gem Meteor combination. I chose a taunt monster called Magnor and boosted its speed to increase its evasion especially when it is enraged. With this, my back line archers could slowly pick off my opponent's monsters. But if you look into my opponent's lineup, there is also a taunt monster in Wave Brood. Gem Meteor ignores Wave Brood's taunt and can randomly hit other cards. My son and I enjoy watching this randomness; however, sometimes, the random number generator does not work in my favor and causes me to lose the battle. But it is not a big deal. The important thing in the end is, my son enjoys the randomness.


Click here to see the battle!

Quick tips!

Advantageous when..
When used with Yodin! The splash damage and boosted ranged attack is perfect for Gem Meteor!
Explosive Weaponry - Similar to Yodin
Armored Up - Gem Meteor's damage goes through the armor.
Odd Ones Out - 5-mana and high stats. Gem Meteor is a killer!
When you expect the opponent will use a monster/summoner with Taunt (e.g., Dark Haon, Shieldbearer, Coeurl Lurker, etc

Do not use when..
Reverse Speed - Gem Meteor has high speed.
Even Stevens - Cannot be used!


10 out of 10

I am a fan of Gem Meteor. I think it is a solid monster, but I don't think many people realize this. Well, their loss. But hopefully you get to try to use it so you can appreciate its power. If there is anything I can help with understanding how it can be used, just drop a comment!

Are you ready to test your skills? You are welcome to sign up to @Splinterlands using my referral code.

Special thanks to @rqr4 for the dividers, and splinterlandswiki for the information on the rule sets.


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