Share your battle - The Dhampir Stalker



Greetings to all the members of the Hive Blockchain community, most especially those who enjoy playing Splinterlands. This week's share your battle challenge features the visually-appealing Dhampir Stalker.

Getting to know you

Arguably one of the best looking characters in the game, the Dhampir Stalker apparently is a half-vampire hunter. Based on the art alone, I feel it is one of the classiest. Its bow and arrow look premium. In the game, Dhampir Stalker is a 7-mana rare monster from the Death splinter. At level 6, it does 4 damage and has 3 speed and 7 health. It also has True Strike (will always hit its target) and Deathblow (will do twice its damage if the target is the only remaining monster of the opponent). However, because of its high mana, I seldom use it in battle. Nonetheless, there are specific rule sets wherein the Dhampir Stalker is useful.


Battle analysis

I found it hard to look for a battle wherein I used the Dhampir Stalker, so in one of the tournaments, I tried to fit it in. Unfortunately, I lost that battle. Let us analyze why.

The rule sets

Counterspell - All Monsters have the Magic Reflect ability
Holy Protection - All Monsters have the Divine Shield ability
Mana cap = 42
Splinters = Death or Dragon


I was excited to use Dhampir Stalker in this battle because I thought I can easily render my opponent's Divine Shield ability useless by sacrificing my Cursed Slimeball (Redemption). Unfortunately, it was not enough. My opponent's primary and secondary tanks are very tough because of their shield abilities. He was correct to anticipate me not using magic monsters. His choice of summoner was also correct as I will most likely use archers in the back line. The archery debuff from my opponent's Quix and Riftwing weakened my backliners. I thought I could easily kill off my opponent's backliners because I have Lira. I was wrong, so I lost this battle.


Click here to see the battle!

Quick tips!

Advantageous when..
While it may not always be the case, Dhampir Stalker is very valuable in specific instances. Let me share a few.
Spreading Fury - When the Fury ability is triggered, the monster's speed will increase, and thus its evasion. With Dhampir Stalker, you will surely hit even a Fury-triggered target.
Equal Opportunity - Because of its high speed and high damage output, the Dhampir Stalker can easily kill low health monsters.
Unprotected - Boost Dhampir Stalker's speed, and you can sweep your opponent in 1 or 2 rounds.
Odd Ones Out - The Chaos Legion Set of the Death splinter is one of the best odd-numbered mana teams.
When you expect the opponent will use a monster/summoner with Last Stand (e.g., Scarred Llama, Kron, Flesh Golem, Gelatinous Cube
When you expect the opponent to field in monsters with high evasion (e.g., Flying, Dodge)

Do not use when..
Aim True - This rule will render Dhampir Staker's skill useless.
Low mana battles

What if?

Personally, I don't use Dhampir Stalker much because of its high mana. I think its abilities are not worth 7 mana. I compare the 8-mana epic monster called Mitica Headhunter of the Earth splinter. At level 5, Mitica does 6 damage, has 5 speed and 6 health. Mitica also has the Snare (removes the Flying ability of target) and Piercing (damage inflicted goes through the target's armor). For Dhampir to be used more often, I think it should have Piercing too. Or maybe, if the mana cost was cut down to 5 or less, I think players will appreciate Dhampir's value more. Nonetheless, if you correctly predict that your opponent will use a monster with Last Stand or with high evasion, then Dhampir Stalker is a solid pick!


4 out of 10

While it is hard to include a 7-mana monster in a usual battle, Dhampir Stalker is a must-use if you think the opponent will use a lineup with high evasion or with Last Stand. If there is anything I can help with understanding how it can be used, just drop a comment!

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Special thanks to @rqr4 for the dividers, and splinterlandswiki for the information on the rule sets.