Today I play Battle and win match. So I want to share with Splinterlands community. For this I start write a post in I think you can play battle and win matchs level up and get rewords.


During the current week I need to show you a little about the inquisitive subtleties that a letter conceals that is generally excellent according to your perspective, so today we will give you all the longing to make this content one of the most exceptional on the stage this week, this character comes to our substance manifestations out of the blue to make us discover somewhat more about the set of experiences and capacities of the characters that have a place with the bedlam army, I will show you a little about what I thought when I regulated the fight subject of this current week.

I'm practically certain that like me there are numerous clients who might want to know why the startling difference in happy and why this character was picked on the off chance that it isn't important for the deck of apparition cards... as far as concerns me I think it is excellent to change somewhat more about the subjects of fights with new characters that we can start to discover somewhat more about their accounts and capacities for new systems with regards to fights against the clients of the game, and knowing these characters of the bedlam army we give way to the new ones clients to peruse our distributed items so they have an extraordinary beginning in this astounding universe of games and techniques, we should begin discussing our personality of this current week this week.



Half-vampire, the Dhampir are faster and stronger than normal humans. Most have taken to a mercenary lifestyle, never quite welcome with vampires or humans. The Stalker is adept at tracking their prey, then dispatching the target with a silent and perfectly-placed arrow from the shadows.
From his perch atop the dock master's building, Vilak observed the commotion below. There on the docks, crooked and bleeding among the fishing boats and merchant ships, was the corpse of a male. Tanned skin. Brown beard. Dirty clothes. Lifeless eyes staring up at the night sky.

Surrounding the victim were four of the city guards, each stumbling about, peering behind crates and waving their arms. Clueless idiots, all of them.

Vilak did not move, but simply breathed deeply. The scent of salt, kelp, wood, ale, piss, and...ah. There it was. Blood.

Although only half vampire, his ability to track even the faintest hint of blood was as dependable as that of a full Nocturni. His crimson eyes slowly moved their gaze to the southern district where the blood scent led.

His target had taken a black-fletched arrow to the gut. Vilak had taken care to avoid major arteries. It was critical that the target survived long enough to answer a few questions. Unfortunately for the lone dock worker who rushed to help, the target was not eager to be the subject of scrutiny. The flash of steel and a quick slash across the neck sent the dock worker sprawling backwards, clutching his throat.

The target had then stumbled away from the docks and into the city.

Vilak shouldered his bow. Pulling his hood low, he smiled grimly and slid down the side of the roof.

It was time to hunt.

Cards Stats:



Mana Cap


Round 1:


So the Summoner I am going with for this battle is a rented level 1 Life Sapper the one and only Summoner I use. This effectively means that all splash damage from my ranged attacks, drawn in by the taunt Monster, will be negated. I'll stick to renting it though. Definitely worth throwing it in any battle with a large mana pool. I cannot think of an occasion where you might go wrong with that. After 1 round, both line-ups have not suffered any losses yet. So it is still hard to tell who has an advantage at this point. I damage opposite side cards.

Round 2:


At the start of Round 2 I have managed to take down Life Sapper and Carrion Shade but as we can see from the screen shot uper taken a moment after the beginning of Round 2, my Stitch Leech is a goner as well. I damage opposite side 1 more.

Round 3:


Round 2 and one teams have 1 Monsters left on the battlefield. However, the enemy's disadvantage is glaringly obvious. I damage opposite side 1 more card.

Round 4:


Round 3 and one teams have 1 Monsters left on the battlefield. However, the enemy's disadvantage is glaringly obvious. I damage opposite side 1 more card.

Round 5:


On the last or 5th round damage opposite side all cards. I got win the match.



And Finally I win the Splinterlands Battle game. Get point 21.

The battle link:


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