Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!

Are you new to Splinterlands and searching for some advice, also you set up the correct series! In this freshman’s Guide Series, we're agitating effects that new players of Splinterlands should know or try to learn.


In this specific occasion we will take a look at some cards that aren't from the current Chaos Legion expansion. This time around I want to concentrate on cards that might get overlooked because they're from the Untamed or Bones expansion. We'll pick one card for each Splinter and I'll talk us trough the specifics why these cards are important if you want to succeed in the after stages of this game.


Some Introductory Words

I'm apprehensive that a lot of Untamed and Bones cards are still being played out there. nonetheless, I was suitable to observe that these cards are getting rarer by the nanosecond. likewise, new players tend to pick up the newest cards, just because they're easier to get and further cheaper to accumulate. While this is true, I want to put some attention on the still in ultramodern usable cards. I named on purpose not the most precious formerly since they still need to be affordable for new players that do n’t want to spend too important plutocrat. also, I tried to concentrate on monster cards since summoners are utmost of the time the egregious choice. With that out of the way, let’s get into these cards!

Fire Elemental

First over, we've one of my each- time pets Fire essential! Yes it might be not perfect for the current fire summoner as it's one that suckers ruckus attacks. On the other hand, I suppose it's important to diversify your attacks in each battle, which is why Ranged bushwhackers are still veritably valid. For a aggregate of 5 mana you're getting a card that has 2 damage 4 speed and 2 health. Yes, it doesn't have the most health but it's a ranged bushwhacker which is why we hope to cover it well in the first place. Secondly, the speed is veritably good for a monster on position one. It nearly always allows us to attack first which can be pivotal with the capability that this card has.

This is my favorite capability in this whole game Explosion! Why? Because it allows you to deal redundant damage to the monsters next to your target! This means that we can deal damage to at least two monsters at the same time. When we've a ruleset that allows the ranged bushwhackers to have the Snipe Capability, this Explosion becomes a veritably effective armament to destroy the opponents backline fairly snappily



The young boy leaned on the ship's gunwale, staring dreamily into the deep green of the water. His father was a simple fisherman, but the boy fantasized about one day being a naval officer... or perhaps a pirate. Anything but a simple fisherman.

Movement in the water below caught his eye, and he leaned over the gunwale, squinting into the depths. A dark shape rose toward the surface. It was emerald green, with two shining orbs set into its surface. As it drew closer, he realized the orbs were eyes. Tentacles waved in the water around it. A squid, the boy thought. He smiled and watched the creature's ascent with interest.

Suddenly, a tentacle shot out of water and threw something at the boy. A dead fish struck him hard in the temple. He winced and staggered, but before he could recover, the tentacle wrapped around his neck and yanked him over the side of the boat. The boy landed in the water with a splash and was quickly dragged down into the depths of the ocean.



Thieving comes naturally to most Goblins, but they rarely steal from one another in the city of Gobson. Instead, Goblin Thieves travel the Splinter, patrolling highways and raiding caravans. Thieves can usually be recognized by their heavy clothing, under which they conceal numerous knives and other weapons. But don’t worry. Their blades are used more to terrorize than to mutilate.



The Portal Spinner sat alone at a table in the tavern, enjoying her dinner and sipping an ale.

A large man in black and silver armor with the emblem of the Chaos Legion emblazoned across the chest strode toward her table and towered over her.

“You almost got the lot of us killed out there,” the Chaos Knight said, the words a growl.

Mutterings from the surroundings tables as the others glared at her.

She sawed off a chunk of venison and waved the fork at him. “You're alive enough,” she said, and popped the meat into her mouth.

“Teach you and your flippant attitude,” the Chaos Knight said. He drew his sword from its scabbard.

The Portal Spinner waved her hand in a circular motion, and a portal opened beneath one of the three empty chairs around her table. The chair fell through it and disappeared. A second portal appeared, but her aim was just a bit off, and the chair dropped onto a nearby patron with a clunk. The poor fellow's eyes rolled up in his head. He toppled sideways and hit the ground hard enough to shake the floorboards.


“Damn you, woman!” the Chaos Knight raised his sword.

The Portal Spinner waved her hand, and a portal appeared under the second chair. It dropped through and reemerged, this time above the barkeep, who grunted as it struck him. He staggered into the shelf of liquors. Bottles toppled over and fell to the floor, shattering and leaking everywhere.

“Get her!” the cry went up.

One chair left. The Portal Spinner wove her magic. The chair dropped through it. The second portal was on mark this time. It opened directly above the Chaos Knight.



Dark Eternals despise light, so in their astronomy they look to what they call “the darkness between the stars.” They believe astral bodies known as Dark Stars are the only true source of darkness. Dark Eternals also believe that they each will, upon full realization of the Dark Reality, be delivered home to those stars, to the roots of all darkness. Dark Astronomers chart and track the Dark Stars, prescribing meaning to the events of the Splinterlands based on their activity, but they are not to be underestimated, for they have plenty of sly tricks of combat.


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