Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!


Splinterlands might be the best internet game inside crypto as well as blockchain right currently contingent upon each day vigorous clients. At the present time, the quantity of will generally be robots as well as the quantity of will more often than not be people may be talked about anyway precisely what can not be examined is really the quantity of dealings the general game delivers consistently.

Hive is the real fourth greatest blockchain with regards to dealings by having an eco-framework the little portion related with how huge numerous others like Clean as well as TRON.


The principal thing that this did when the huge flood of clients hit in August was the actual group were consuming hive to make accounts at a brutal rate however the drawn out impact of this development will meaningfully affect the chain.

Asset credits will drive interest for Hive. Particularly when RC appointments go live and Hive gets more expensive as time passes by making it restrictive for little clients to purchase to the point of working it will become less expensive to lease RC for activities than getting it to stake.

The thump on impact of having loads of records working on the chain and making exchanges. Each record that messes around should either control up hive or lease RC from clients that have RC in excess and ready to lease, markets depending.

I have a lot of cards built up over the years so the obvious play is to rent them out for additional income.

Originally I just set the prices myself and changed them a few times during the season but especially with the new splinterlands reward system that end of season pump is no longer there and it's more profitable to use a rental service to manage the cards and maximize the rentals.

I'm not sure how the rental bot works but it spends the time constantly changing prices and trying to get the best offer for your card at any given time. This involves a lot of Hive transactions to keep changing the price and make it work. So guess what.

This costs a lot of resource credits to keep the system working.
That means lots of Hive.

I have three rental accounts at the moment, two with a lot of cards and the third that I am slowly filling up with the chaos reward cards ever season.

  • Account one has 410HP and at 29% RC.
  • Account two has 200HP and is at 39% RC.
  • Account three is on 20HP and at 68% RC.

That's 63 hive power need just to keep these three accounts renting out my cards.

And as I keep buying up more and more stock from my rental income this number is only going to go up. It won't be long before I need 1000 HIVE just to keep my RC above the line.

And that's just me.
There are a lot more and a lot bigger accounts out there.

And that's just splinterlands.
There will be a lot more games and apps in three years.

And that's just with 2m accounts.
There will be a lot more than that in a few years time.

At the moment splinterlands is eating up resource credits form all sides but over time there will be more games and more users that multiply these transactions by a factor of ten.

All of these transactions need resource credits to operate.

Resource credits need hive power.

Hive is going to get very scarce as we see more and more apps building on Hive. Splinterlands is still in their building phase and if they get it right we could see them 10x their user base over the next few years and drive the Hive price to the moon.

Until then. It's a good time to start playing yourself.

Try for yourself.

If you haven't played the game before then now is the best time to join. Today is much better than tomorrow and a lot better than later.

Cards worth a few cents now will have a much higher value in the future as the print runs out. We have a strong community and seen this happen every time as it grows with the game.

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