Wave Runners - Sea monster who can jump


Hello Everyone

This is the first Splinterlands battle share post for this week. This week we got a huge monster from the sea, WAVE RUNNER. With a powerful swipe of its tail the Wave Runner can leap out of the water and bring giant birds and dragons alike into the water where its body provides a natural fighting advantage.

Link Battle

My Battle Strategy and Cards Placement

I got 23 mana for this battle and the enemy using Fire Deck. I picked 5 cards with Alric Strombringer as summoners because it gives +1 magic attack to all friendly monster and it helps Medusa to get more damage. I picked Spineback Turtle for the first place and followed by Wave Runner to attack enemy front line because this monster have Reach ability that may attack from the second position on team. I put Demented Shark to enhance all mele attack, combine with Creeping Ooze to get attack first when battle start.

Spineback Turtle
The best card to hold any damage on water deck with low cost mana is Spineback Turtle. This favorite card usually appears if the battle mana is below 25.

Wave Runner
This theme card for this week and the challenge are based on this card. Here is the card in water monster having Reach ability and it's blow my mind because I never use it on Water Deck. Usually Water Deck is monster with magic attack, so this card is quite challenge to me.

Demented Shark
This card is my only support for theme card this week because Demented Shark have Inspire ability to increase all friendly melee attack by 1.

The only monster card with magic attack on this line battle is Medusa. This card really help me to wipe enemy front line faster because Medusa get support from our summoners

Creeping Ooze
Another support monster on this line battle is Creeping Ooze. This card always help me to get first attack on every battle. I hope I get this card from rewards chest ^_^

Do you like the WAVE RUNNER? Why or why not?

Although Wave Runner cost 5 mana, but I think this card can hold any damage on the second position while other monster will crush the enemy line. I like this card because it did well in the battle and can trick the enemy while I use Magic summoner. I will try to use this card for my future battles with the dragon splinter to get more defense (finger cross).

About the challenge:

You can find the official challenge post here.

For this challenge, you'll need to showcase a battle using the theme and you should talk about the monsters that you use in the battle.

The entry post should be shared on any social media and I'll use my twitter handle for that.

There should be a #splinterlands and #play2earn tag.

Then you should leave your post link and your social media link where you shared it as a comment in the official challenge post of @splinterlands.

(Photos and video is taken from splinterlands and not my property)


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Thanks for sharing! - @rehan12

It is an interesting battle! At a point I thought, you are done for. But game changes quite fast 😉