Chaos Legion FIENDS are coming! 0 Mana Cost - Stats revealed


At the moment the Team and the Mavericks are testing on the testnet the Chaos Legion Expansion for the release next week on 8th December!

During all the card packs opening a lot of the cards get revealed with stats and in this Post I want to take a closer look at the Fiends Legendary Monster.
At a previous AMA Fiends for every Splinter with 0 Mana Cost were confirmed by the Splinterlands Team.

In my opinion this will have an huge impact in the game because with 0 Mana they will have much influence in lower mana battles like the Furious Chicken at the moment. Because of the legendary Rarity they also will be much rarer and I expect more impact and high renting costs. The Furious Chicken costs at the moment 3-4 DEC/day. Next to this the Chicken was a neutral monster so it was playable with all Splinters.

If you want to cover every Splinter you have to purchase or rent 5 different Fiends.

Lets take a closer look to the new Fiend Monsters and the Stats.....

Please note that all cards are not released yet, and all stats shown are subject to change right up until the moment of release.



The Death Fiend at LVL 1 will have 1 Attack | 2 Speed | 1 Health.
At LVL 4 this Fiend gets the Silence Ability, which Reduces the Magic Attack of all enemy Monsters
If you use that Fiend with the new Death Summoner Thaddius (Link to my summoner Post) this combo will reduce the Magic Attack of all enemy monsters by 1.



The Water Fiend at LVL 1 will have 1 Attack | 2 Speed | 1 Health.
At LVL 4 this Fiend gets the Headwinds Ability, which Reduces the Range Attack of all enemy Monsters by 1
This Headwinds Ability is great against Summoners like Yodin or will be great in Mirror Matches to reduce the Range Attack of Axemaster, where the 0 Mana cost monster make the difference.



The Fire Fiend at LVL 1 will have 1 Attack | 2 Speed | 1 Health.
At LVL 4 this Fiend gets the Swiftness Ability, which gives All friendly Monsters have increased Speed Monsters
With this Fiend there is an next to Tarsa and Pyre an additional Speed buff for Fire available. This would be additional 2 Speed for all friendly monsters, what increases the Dodge Chance and increases the chance to attack first and get an advantage.



The Earth Fiend at LVL 1 will have 1 Attack | 1 Speed | 2 Health.
At LVL 4 this Fiend gets the Weaken Ability, which Reduces the Speed of all enemy Monsters by 1
Slow down the Speed to get the first hits is very powerful and this at 0 Mana costs.



The Light Fiend at LVL 1 will have 1 Attack | 1 Speed | 1 Armor | 1 Health.
At LVL 4 this Fiend gets the Demorolize Ability, which Reduces the Meelee Attack of all enemy Monsters by 1
This Fiend has 1 Armor which makes him more sustainable against physical attacks (ranged and meelee). In that case he can survive higher attack hits and he will also survive in the most situations 2 hits.

First of all!
I love all of the Fiend Artworks and in my opinion Splinterlands Design Team is doing a great job!

All the Fiends are Meelee Attackers. So without Range and Magic they can’t attack from the backline. That would have been a bit overpowered in my opinion, so I am happy about that. At max level all of them get an ability what makes them even more powerful. Because of Meelee they can’t be attacked by Snipe. And they won’t be placed at the back where they can easily get sneaked. That means a opportunity monster will be the best option to kill them.

Nevertheless like the Furious Chicken they are an additional Meat Shield so it’s possible to survive 1 (or 2 Attacks) more which can be carry you to victory.

I am curious how all the Fiends will change the game and for what price they will be sold or rented out.

What are your thoughts about the Fiends?

Do you like the Artwork?

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