Fineas Rage is in Enrage - Battle Showcase



Today I want to share a battle with Fineas Rage in the Spotlight.


Fineas Rage is a 7 Mana Fire Splinter Monster of the Untamed Card Pack Edition. So he will be playable in the coming modern format.

At lvl 1 he has the folllowing base Stats:

  • 2 Meelee DMG
  • 5 Speed
  • 8 Health
  • Reach Ability (Monster can attack from 2nd Position)

With the Reach Ability and large Healthpool it makes him a great 2nd Tank. If the Mana allows it I play him with Living Lava.



  • 12 Mana
  • Only Fire and Life Splinter
  • Spreading Fury: All monsters have the Enrage Ability.
  • Holy Protection: All Monsters have the Divine Shield Ability.


I picked Malric and Fineas Rage as Main Tank just for the Enrage Ability. Because he is a decent Tank with High Speed and high health pool.

My opponent played 4 minions (with the free Chicken) to get the maximum out of the Divine Shields. More monsters means more Divine Shields and so more hits can be taken.


Looks like a hard matchup for my monsters and with the Chicken advantage at the enemy side. Let's see if Fineas Rage can win this battle for me.

Click this LINK to watch the complete battle in animation


Fineas hit the Chicken really hard, but he just broke the Divine Shield. My Kobold Miner was able to land a hit, but also just the Divine Shield of the enemy Kobold Miner.
After Round 1 Fineas Rage was my last standing monster and still all enemies are alive. That really doesn't look great.



Fineas Rage finally killed the Chicken! Cerberus hit the Divine Shield and he was preparing for the hit of Serpentine Spy but it was a MISS. Also the Kobold Miner Hit was a MISS.
Fineas luckily had still all HP but was still not in Enrage Mode.



Fineas attacked first and hit the Divine Shield of Cerberus. Cerberus attacks.... and MISS! 3 times in a row Fineas dodged the attacks.
Serpentine Spy finally lands the first hit and now Fineas is in ENRAGE Mode... 5 Attack and unbelieveable 8 Speed what makes him dodge right away the hit of Kobold Miner.



He took out the Cerberus before he was able to bite him. Only 2 monsters left. Serpentine Spy 3 DMG attack hit and only 2 HP left. If Kobol Miner hits Fineas its over... but MISS.



Serpentine Spy still has his Divine Shield and 2 monsters left. So Fineas has to hit 3 times and dodge 3 times in a row.
Divine Shield was gone and both attacks dodged! Lets go to the next round!



With the higher speed Fineas Rage killed Serpentine Spy and now it was a battle 1 vs 1. Kobold Miner gets ready to attack... aaaand... MISS.
Fineas Survived and now it's his turn to attack and he killed Kobold Miner and wins the battle!


FINEAS RAGE was really in Enrage Mode and has won this battle for me.

To be honest I didn't expect to win after I saw the Lineup, but I watch every battle to get a better feeling and understanding for positioning and other game mechanics.
This one was definitive one of my luckiest and at the same time one of my funniest.
I guess my opponent can't believe that he lost. But I know that feeling when I miss 3 times in a row or miss at certain key moments.
That is Splinterlands and every Card Games needs RNG for entertainment.

What are your thoughts about this Battle and strategies?
For any suggestions or thoughts please leave a comment below!

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