Splinterlands: Meal with the Wizard Himself


So many things to reflect about after Splinterfest but the one thing I will always remember will be the dinner with the wizard himself; Yabapmatt! Since the beginning of the AMAs and now Town Halls, I would hear the wizard and acknowledge his genius. However, it speaking with him and listening to his story, I am even more humbled by his journey and thoughts. Out of all the great things that the VIPs got during the event, this event was truly the best experience of them all.

While we each got to choose where to sit, the developers divided themselves up among the community and allowed for talking with each between courses. Hearing how Matt has evolved his vision with a realistic mindset is very encouraging from both a player and investor mindset. I share many beliefs with Matt relative to what many consider the centralized world. While I am still “stuck” in it, Matt’s views have given me more perspective on how to evolve my own journey with the opportunities provided by the ecosystem created.

In fact, I came back from Splinterfest and have started to get back into small bitcoin investments once again. It has been years since I have added back to my position as I have preferred to diversify. However, the view of what the decentralized network effect is already doing for those seeking freedom was encouraging to hear and see from someone living it. I still cannot believe how open and direct the team was with each of us as they surely care about the community and the future of the ecosystem. They are continuously thinking about the long term sustainability of the economy being built which is encouraging for a project in this space.

After spending that time with a number of other VIP ticketholders and their stories in addition to Matt’s views, I have never been as comfortable with continuing my building within the ecosystem. Despite the continued Crypto winter, the foundation has been built and is strong as seen from the amount of development coming from the team. Many people don’t understand me when they see how much of my net worth is here but I am not fazed by the ebbs and flows as the building is clear. I am enjoying the journey without worrying about the destination!

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