Splinterlands: Player vs Investor


The evolution of the Splinterlands ecosystem continues to intrigue me as it is just as competitive as the game play itself. In fact, I truly believe that the ecosystem is also a game which beckons the thoughts of the economic game theory in the minds of many investors. This game theory often comes unconsciencely which make it more interesting and engaging. I can say that it has become a large part of my diligence and strategic thinking considering that it could be an integral part of my entrepreneurial future.

However, I have found it very difficult to make a complete transition as I enjoy playing. Despite my diligence which proves that it is more economically viable to rent my assets 100%, I continue to enjoy completing my daily quests and open my Season End rewards to reveal the fruits of my Collection. It has always been exciting to open packs and chests as we never know what we will get each time.

This has become an integral part of my daily experience as my Collection supersedes all priorities. Almost to a fault, I am actively seeking ways to complete my Collection to enable me to compete at the highest levels. Unfortunately (only for me), the game has always sought balance from the developers which incentivizes players across the community. This has meant a continual decline in my performance as I now barely reach Champion Division despite my Collection.

As the ecosystem continues to evolve, this distinction among the game modes of Splinterlands will become more difficult to manage. Many say that it will come to require each owner of assets to either focus on being a player or investor. However, I believe this is only correct if looking to either optimize earnings or competitive rank. Despite this, my approach will not change as I am enjoying the ride that the community and developers are taking on this journey!

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