Stream Summary - Another Legendary Pulled in RS! - 3 Rares Gifted Today - PIZZA/LVL/PGM/CINE/THG/STARBITS Winners




Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great day! Let me tell you about what happened today on the stream...


Wooooooo, an amazing day yet again! I guess taking that 1 week break made me recover some luck and come back on fire. Today I had what I think is the best pack opening I've ever had. Opened 60 packs and 4 Epics which include 2 vehicles and 2 people and 1 Legendary, again the one from Ivo aka @deveter! Woooo! Insane pulls from just 60 packs, I'm super happy I decided to do this, I honestly believe that the things we do reflect in the things we get, one hard decision can lead to something unexpected and super rewarding, so I'm quite happy with my decisions lately hehe. Here's a clip with the excitement of getting another legendary!

Today we played Stream Racer, Marbles on Stream and Battle of the Bands, back with the old stuff since it now feels fresh after having paused all those activities for a bit. Felt really good and it was really fun, I guess a break is exactly what I needed, hopefully it will continue being awesome from now on if I learn to mix the content a bit!

Today's NFT Winners: @zekelol won a i81 Busker R10 card, @ingekiller exchanged 100k ponts for a pack opening and kept a 103 Ethan card and a R239 Butterfly Guitar, @sarpione won a 85 Kelly card and a #2 - Suerte card from the Ivoverse, @deveter won a R183 Gustaf card, @delvisn won a i83 Hand Carved Djembe card, @anzua won a R162 Damien card, @lailoken606 won a Pelacor Mercenary card and a Radiated Brute card, @rcard2 won a Venari Heathsmith card and @alicia2022 won a #6 - Revival Grimoire from the Ivoverse!!!


As for #PIZZA tokens @javs1 won 5 #PIZZA.

As for #LVL tokens @chechostreet 40 #LVL.

As for #PGM tokens @lightbruce17 and @mosho-o won 5 #PGM and 5 #PGM went to the christmas jackpot account @thexreposts.

As for #CINE tokens there were no winners today.

As for #THG tokens @lightbruce17 won 150 #THG, @sarpione won 250 #THG and 150 #THG went to the christmas jackpot account @thexreposts.

As for #STARBITS tokens @rcard2 won 100 #STARBITS and 500 #STARBITS went to the christmas jackpot account @thexreposts.

Reminder: There's an #AIRDROP channel in my discord where I'm putting random airdrops of #PIZZA from community and #LVL from @psyberx game, hopefully #ONEUP and #PGM some day! To join my discord you need to be on my stream so I can know who you are. I have now applied the required level needed to get into the airdrop channel in my discord, so active people can claim and random people that never shows neither in discord or the stream can't. This means that if you don't have at least level 5 you will not see the channel.



I'm currently sitting at 348163 real Fans with 18577 drunks, 1439216 Skill points and level 360 with 8010 cards in my account!


All my records are sold out! I still have some to giveaway though in case you missed buying, just tune in to my stream! Thank you so much for your amazing support, I'm stoked to see how many people really enjoy my music enough to get a record! Means the world to me! NEW ONE COMING SOON!

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That's all for today, thanks a lot for all your awesome support!!!

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@newenx es emocionante cuando abres packs y recibes esas cartas tan geniales: épicas y legendarias... Esa fue una gran apertura y la alegría no se hizo esperar!!!!!!!! Felicitaciones de veras!!!

Un stream divertido, un compartir maravilloso con la comunidad y full premios que son valor agregado a todo ese compartir. Gracias por tu esfuerzo y dedicación.

Y felicitaciones también por las ventas de tus récords!! Todo un éxito.



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