Stream Summary - Finally got to Level 300 - ONEUP/PIZZA/LVL/PGM/STARBITS Winners - SPL EOS Rewards




Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great day! Let me tell you about what happened today on the stream...


What an awesome stream to finish the week!! We had an amazing time. Special thanks to @clove71 for her amazing support and for giving the chance to 5 new people to go for the subscriber wheels! She's been a blessing for us all and her good vibes always bring great things, like today for example, my EOS rewards for Splinterlands gave me 2 Chaos Legion packs for the first time ever, that's hardly a coincidence if you ask me!

Today we played Marbles on Stream, Battle of the Bands and Stream Raiders as always. Many streamers were present today which lead to making a quick event doing a Marbles on Stream Battle Royale where I offerend a 500 #STARBITS bounty for the ones that took down @sneakry, @deveter and @nasrrybooyah! So we had a really fun time watching people trying to take down the streamers. Funny thing was that we had a streamer on streamer take down, @nasrrybooyah took down @sneakry and claimed the bounty for his head! @deveter was taken down by @caracol32, I was taken down by @maxiale and @nasrrybooyah was taken down by @carlos-cg21. Congratulations on getting those bounties!

Today's card winners: @deveter won a TCD Tunes feat Stick Up Boyes - Travellers Path NFT Record, @nubmanko won a i72 Limey Kit card, @maxiale won a i61 Sunset V Guitar card and @carlos-cg21 won a 75 Nile card. Also @deveter was kind enough to gift one of his own NFT Records to @caracol32 for taking him down on the Battle Royale!


As for #ONEUP tokens today @aiyoras won 5 #ONEUP and @galaxikiller won 10 #ONEUP.

As for #PIZZA tokens today @susana1988 won 10 #PIZZA.

As for #LVL tokens @zekelol won 40 #LVL.

As for #PGM tokens @javs1 won 5 #PGM and @frankie1 won 10 #PGM

As for #STARBITS @susana1988 won 75 #STARBITS, @johnweed won 350 #STARBITS, @lailoken606 won 400 #STARBITS and @maxiale, @caracol32, @nasrrybooyah and @carlos-cg21 won 500 #STARBITS.

Reminder: There's an #AIRDROP channel in my discord where I'm putting random airdrops of #PIZZA from community and #LVL from @psyberx game, hopefully #ONEUP and #PGM some day! To join my discord you need to be on my stream so I can know who you are. I have now applied the required level needed to get into the airdrop channel in my discord, so active people can claim and random people that never shows neither in discord or the stream can't.




Well well, what a fantastic day of Splinterlands today, I opened the 30 chest from end of season rewards and got 2 Chaos Legion packs and tons of cards as well, so I was very happy with it, the 2 packs made it worth it the rentals for reaching Gold 1 rank! Not only that but when I opened them I got an Epic card as well, so that just made my day, I might try this again in the future if I feel lucky again! Sadly the good luck stopped for the quest rewards where I got 3 potions and a common card, but hey, at least a card right? XD

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I'm currently sitting at 224684 real Fans with 11516 drunks this time, 436897 Skill points and level 300 with 4734 cards in my account. I'm finally level 300 hell yeah!! Time to do a new mission. Plus I finally got my birthday cake today, a bit late huh? But hey, better late than never XD!





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That's all for today, thanks a lot for all your awesome support!!!

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Gracias broh por el stream, siempre me rio mucho.



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I'm gonna starting sharing your content on the rising Star facebook page that I run!


hey thanks very much mate! Sorry i missed this message!! Peakd never lets me know about replies lol! Cheers! !PIZZA