Splinterlands | Chaos Legion Quick Guide

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As most of you know: Chaos Legion is coming!

Just today the shop-front got updated and the countdown timer for the pre-sale event is running. Therefore, I wanted to give you a quick rundown on all these essentials of the upcoming card drop.

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How many card packs will be released?

A total of 15 million card packs will be released and each of the packs will contain 5 random cards from the Chaos Legion set. You are guaranteed to receive a rare card or better and have the same chances of getting epics, legendaries, and gold foils as in the previous sets. 15 million card packs is actually 10 times more then the previous untamed packs.(1,5 million packs were released).This is probably due to the increase in our player-base and helps with future scaling.

How much will a pack cost?

Unfortunately the cards will now cost 4$ per pack instead of the previous 2$. some of you might not be happy about these news. Nonetheless, high buying prices will hopefully increase resell prices as well, hence the whole economy will prosper.

Where can I buy packs?

You can purchase the packs in the Splinterlands shop once they are released. You can purchase them with Credits(fiat&crypto), and DEC & SPS which will be valued at the external market rate.

Bonuses & Airdrops?

  • If you purchase more than 100 packs you get a bonus of 10% additional packs
  • If you purchase more than 499 packs you get a bonus of 15% additional packs
  • If you purchase more than 2000 packs you get a bonus of 20% additional packs

Similar to the untamed and dice releases, a total of 14 cards will be air-dropped to players who have purchased Chaos Legion packs. The airdrop will always happen once 1 million card packs are sold. Thus, you should purchase your cards as soon as possible, so you might get all 14 available cards airdropped!!!

How to buy in the pre-sale?

1 million out of the 15 million cards will be available in the pre-sale (lasts 30 days) and buying within pre-sale comes with multiple benefits. The card packs will cost $4 and will be available for purchase using DEC, Credits, and SPS. There is a 10% discount if you purchase your packs with SPS! Also the above mentioned rates for bonus packs are applicable in the pre-sale.

Additionally, a special limited edition promo card will be airdropped at the end of the pre-sale to all players participating in the pre-sale . Each pack has a 2% chance of receiving a limited edition promo card per airdrop. Each of those will have a 2% chance of being a gold foil. If you purchase more than 50 packs you will be guaranteed to receive at least one limited-edition promo card. If you purchase more than 1000 you will be guaranteed to receive at least one gold foil limited-edition promo card.


Nonetheless, to participate in the pre-sale and buy packs you will need a VOUCHER token for each pack you want to buy. Each day, for 30 days, 33,333.333 VOUCHER tokens will be distributed (1 million in total) among all player staking SPS. You get a percentage of those VOUCHER tokens depending on your percentage of the total SPS staked in the game. If you want VOUCHER tokens without staking SPS you will be able to purchase them from secondary market places on Hive and WAX.


And there we have it. I would strongly suggest you to stake at least some SPS in the next few days before the VOUCHER tokens are distributed. Furthermore, it might be a smart idea to purchase SPS now if you want to participate in the pre-sale event as the price of SPS will probably explode in the upcoming week.

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