Another splinterlands season comes to an end.


End of season excitement.

It's been years of playing the game and I still love to see end of season. Two weeks of grinding the game hard to try and eke out a few small rewards.

Games are meant to be fun, exciting and rewarding so the whole season is geared towards this point and opening those chests.

Playtoearn has taken a big hit over the bear market but splinterlands has kept plugging along while other projects failed and died off.

Hopefully we are involved with one of the successful projects as survival is half the battle. As long as people still want to own the in game assets and the team doesn't fuck up the tokenomics too badly we should be able to stay sustainable and maybe even profitable again some day.

I quite like the soulbound reward cards but thin that there should not be a fee to release them when the time comes. If we own them we should be able to own them with no restrictions to use. Especially on our own land which would add real utility to the cards until they become tradeable.

I was lucky last season with a monster 2400 SPS prize chest but it was a rarity among a lot of smaller rewards.

Anyway. To the most important point of business.

Season rewards for my playable account.

I have tried to get back into playing properly again. After reorganizing all of my assets I was left with all gold cards and excess cards moved to rental accounts in anticipation of land.

Then i compacted my playing deck to just 139 maxed out cards or close enough to it that i actually use to play the game. Anything surplus to requirements is on another rental account. Then i rented a few beta legendaries that i enjoy playing with and made a big push for higher leagues.

I did manage to finish up in Diamond I and got to diamond a lot earlier than the past few seasons. This set me up nicely for earning daily chests and i did earn a lot more daily rewards.

I also managed 72 EOS chests which was the best in a long time.

A poor haul unfortunately at the end of all of it. Not terrible but no big chests.

Still it was nice to take the game seriously again and it has set me up Diamond III to start the new season and try again. This time the push will be for champion.

Just like every other crypto project, the bear is the time to go harder and stack more. $SPS is sitting on 0.016c at the moment which could easily 10x in a bull market for one of the longest standing games.

Now is the time to get ahead of the curve and buy up as many of the old cards as possible.

Try for yourself.

If you haven't played the game before then now is the best time to join. Today is much better than tomorrow and a lot better than later.

Link to the game here,


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