Quix the Devious - Rarer than you think

Recently I was able to sell some older cards to purchase a level 2 Quix the Devious.


To give credit where it's due, this was after watching this great video by @luke-wtp! Thanks for all of the nuggets that you drop in your videos!

While the case that Luke made in this video was extremely helpful, there's actually another aspect of Quix that I realized.

Quix is only the second summoner in the entire game that debuffs speed with the other being Crypt Mancer.


With consideration to the upcoming wild format and the speed builds that Kelya has brought about, I think this positions Quix in a nice position to counter at least part of Kelya's buff. Now I wouldn't recommend getting Quix for that sole purpose but I do find it interesting to find rarities with certain abilities in cards. For instances, did you know that Pit Orge is the only card in the game that has the Stun ability at Level 1?

I think that I may start doing similar posts diving into ability rarities. Hope this provides some value or is as least thought provoking in terms of how you look at cards.

Take care and be blessed!


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