Theory Crafting: Skargore & Current Combinations


Theory Crafting.png

With all the new Riftwatcher summoners coming I wanted to do another theory crafting post. I have to be honest though I don't play the fire splinter entirely to much. However I do know that enrage is a powerful ability but will Conqueror Jacek leave Skargore in the shadows?
Number One

I personally think that the enrage ability that Skargore provides will make Grum Flameblade a scary card to play against especially if he can get some kills for the bloodlust benefits.

Paired with some speed buff monsters I can see this monster getting out of hand with it's stats going crazy in quite a few different situations. I think the strong resistance to magic makes this card that much more of a threat overall and should be a great card long term.

Number Two

Imagine a Efreet Elder in last stand with the Enrage ability active who also is super hard to hit by magic because of phase.. This would be quite the powerful card in my opinion depending on how the bonuses from Enrage and Last Stand combine.

I would keep a close eye on this card price wise because if I am in the right mindset here everyone will want at least a level 4 and many will want a level 6 to get the full benefits of this card.
Number Three

A melee monster just hit your Tenyii Striker and caused it to be enraged. Now you have increased speed, damage and a way higher chance to cause damage when enemies miss. The large increase in stats paired with dodge will make this card super slippery in battle.

Good card to considering holding onto since I believe it gets a lot of use in ranked play. Hopefully Skargore increases that use case!

Number Four

Fineas Rage is already a pretty awesome reach monster but I think when the frontline monster dies he doesn't quite hold up to well. With enrage and retaliate this card will be gaining tons of misses and if it doesn't then you might expect some huge damage incoming!

Maybe not the best card on the list but he is worth mentioning and maybe even worth holding onto!
Number Five

Magnor already possesses the enrage ability but not at level one so for lower league players Skargore will provide similar benefits as having a level two Magnor. On top of that this card is already decently fast and has high damage.

Enrage is going to extend this cards life during battle leading to way more damage dealt to the enemy lineup and since Magnor is a taunt card he can provide safety to your whole lineup while dodging all the enemy attacks except scattershot.

Let me know what cards you think pair well with Skargore in the comments!