Fire vs Fire a win vs Yodin Zaku


the thought of coming up against Yodin Zaku sends fear in most opponents. I saw on the recent history of matches against my opponent that the Yodin Zaku was a favourite summoner of my opponent.

So I thought long and hard, about how I could potentially stave off the attack.

The Selection


So I was right that they would use their Yodin Zaku, and I knew I would be vulnerable to the blast attack, so I placed in first and second position shield monsters. So my strategy was to sustain the barrage of arrows and blast, and meanwhile taking out the arrows with from behind with serpentine spy.

Mid battle


I didn't count on having a sneak arrow monster, which started attacking my back line. I must admit this was a good strategy by my opponent. However they needed to get through a chicken, and monkey before they could get the serpentine spy.

In the end the sneak range attack was too much for my back line. but it was too late. I had already decimated the team and arrows are not effective in the first row!

Quite a satisfying win I must say. Its always tough to play Yodin on low mana matches because the opponent usually has a 4 mana advantage which means a lot on a 19 mana match. The llama on the other hand is good on low mana matches because of the last stand.. but that's another story...